Published on July 11th, 2024 | by Andrew Paul

CIRQUE BON BON REVIEW (Melbourne 2024) @cirquebonbon and #cirquebonbon #ILOVECANDY

CIRQUE BON BON REVIEW (Melbourne 2024) @cirquebonbon and #cirquebonbon #ILOVECANDY Andrew Paul

Summary: CIRQUE BON BON is a must see circus that will make you crave more "circus" Candy!


I love candy!

With a strictly limited season at the Athenaeum Theatre, the amazing CIRQUE BON BON has arrived for Melburnians and if one word could sum up this circus performance, it would be spectacular! Now… Cirque Bon Bon is not your standard “circus” as it channels elements from Cirque du Soleil (without the crazy set props), Cabaret and Burlesque to perfectly mirror its title that in English translates to Circus Candy. And yes, it is indeed like candy as you’ll be craving for more like a Bon Bon-holic.

With that in mind, you can see where the inspiration comes from because Cirque Bon Bon is created by former Cirque Du Soleil Assistant Creative Director Ash Jacks (who makes a cameo) and choreographer Julieann Nugent who both should be commended on non-stop circus extravaganza.

Further, the title is perfectly captured by the troupe who make this the heart and soul of this highly entertaining and amusing performance that is not only risqué but filled with comedy and deft dying acts. The host of Cirque Bon Bon is Mario (Clarke McFarlane), Queen of the Circus who channels his inner Freddy Mercury as he struts proudly on the stage in his salacious outfit. Not only is he delightful but his comedy is highly infectious as his tributes to the legendary front man of the band Queen.

From acrobats to dancers (they do everything from tap to ballet and even burlesque) to contortionist and hula hooper (Ashleigh Roper), Cirque Bon Bon is like watching the gods of Ancient Norse performing for us mere mortals because the performers really defy the laws of physics and man of what their bodies are capable of – which means that Mario, Queen of the Circus is Loki the God of Mischief!

From flying across the stage to juggling (Cody Harrington) plus a whole lot more, Cirque Bon Bon is a fast paced show with lights, music (the moody soundtrack perfectly accompanies the show) and costumes (sometimes very limited), it really draws you in from the very first moments. The performers also make excellent use of the stage at Athenaeum Theatre which makes Cirque Bon Bon feel like a more personal experience, including excellent use of props and effects – just pray that you don’t get the tallest man in Melbourne sitting two seats in front of you.

What about the highlights? Given the high calibre of the performers, everybody was fantastic, however contortionist and acrobat Shannen Michaela (Guinness world record for shooting an arrow the farthest with her feet) is absolutely astonishing and her archery act had the entire audience captivated and on the edge of their seats as she done the unthinkable. Her contortion skills is also unmatched!

There’s also some hilarious audience interaction courtesy of the “volunteers” thanks to Mario from helping a lady ride a unicycle to a banana duel with man playing to the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody – he had everyone in hysterics and the comedic theme melds perfectly well with the troupe who again defy the laws of physics and human strength.

Liam Dummer also wows the audience with his aerial skills and proves that human teeth can hold a human. There’s also an amazing roller skating due act with Emma Goh and Scott Lazarevich that combine speed, strength and acrobatics to create the unthinkable. The performance ends with Mario introducing the troupe to roars of the audience and all in all, Cirque Bon Bon cannot be faulted!

Final Thoughts?

To quote a cliché, this is the one show of 2024 that you really need to see! It’s bold, it’s spectacular and it’s slightly naughty as these amazing performers take you on a wild ride of circus candy! However like your favourite candy, it leaves you yearning for more.

Brilliant, brilliant and brilliant!


In Melbourne for five shows only, CIRQUE BON BON promises to have audiences on the edge of their seat for 80 minutes of beauty and bravery, from 11 to 13 July at the Athenaeum Theatre.

Produced by Jacs Entertainment and Woodward Productions, CIRQUE BON BON is world-class cirque entertainment for all ages.

Tickets for CIRQUE BON BON range from $59 to $109 plus booking fee. Ticketmaster pre-sale tickets are available now, and tickets go on sale to the general public on Tuesday 30 April via Ticketmaster or at

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