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Children of the Vault #1 REVIEW @ShadeX6

Children of the Vault #1 REVIEW @ShadeX6 Howard Smith

Summary: The Children of the Vault are back, which isn't very good news for anyone.


Solid Story

Future vs Future

The story follows both the return of the Children of The Vault and the ragtag future team of Bishop and Cable. Children of the Vault #1 spins out of the recent issue of X-Men #25, in which the X-Men’s greatest enemies break out of their dream prison designed by Forge. Once freed, the Children sought to rid the mutants of their existence but found that the mutants were already gone. Retreating into the vault, the Children return anew and seek to help humanity into the future. Cable and Bishop think otherwise. After Bishop breaks Cable out of a facility where they have been doing absurd experiments to find out what secrets he knows, Cable discovers that the Children are hiding something sinister dormant in the minds of others. It’s up to both Cable and Bishop to find out and put a stop to them before the worst occurs.

Written by Deniz Camp (Maxwell’s Demons, Chaos Agent, Bloodshot Unleashed), Children of the Vault #1 sees the return of a ruthless evolved species released from their mutant prison. What they do next truly doesn’t reflect what people who know about the Children would do, but then again, they always seem to want more than they appear to be after. At the same time, readers are introduced to a considerably uneasy partnership with Cable and Bishop in the mix. The interesting aspect of this story is that it pits those who know and have lived in the future against one another. The only way to beat someone from the future is to have someone else from the future stand on an equal footing. While mutant annihilation is afoot, Cable and Bishop seem to have to move discreetly, but the thing about this comic book is Camp has them casually walking around outside at some point without fear. Of course, Cable is using his abilities, so people don’t recognize them, but Camp makes it clear these two are a force to reckon with. Possibly, Camp has brought together two future veterans that just may thwart the Children.

Comparably, the artwork by Luca Maresca (She-Hulk, The Avengers, Fantastic Four) is illustrated splendidly. Specifically, the characters drawn by Maresca tend to make the comic book genuinely pop. Despite his background and environment scenes, the characters have more focus on detail and emphasis on their external personality. While Bishop looks like a rebel on a mission, Cable looks like a futurist soldier out for retribution. Not to say that Maresca has work to do on scenery in Children of the Vault #1, which in a handful of panels he excels at, but there are moments where the characters get more panel time. However, with the help of Carlos Lopez (Honor, Old Man Logan, Red Sonja) and his coloring expertise the comic book boomed with bustling value. The use of color exploitation made this issue interesting to read from cover to cover.

Speaking of cover-to-cover, Cory Petit (Heroes for Hire, Magneto, Moon Knight) contributes to the overall storytelling of Children of the Vault #1 with a passion through his lettering skills. As this comic book is riddled with an enormous amount of dialogue and narration, Petit does it all with ease. Tasked with a surmount of words for readers to digest the story, Petit keeps art to word ratio to an equal amount of display. While readers can enjoy the artwork, they are also capable of understanding the flow and pace of the comic book itself.

Last, but not least, Yanick Paquette (Action Comics, Catwoman, Dark Wolverine) and Guru-eFX (Avengers, Cyblade, Deadpool) foreshadow a possible battle with the Children of the Vault versus Cable and Bishop in their stunning splash cover. The title of the cover says it all and it’s appropriate for the Children of the Vault to be the aggressor on this cover than the heroes.

Children of the Vault #1 is one of the X-Men stories that add additional information missed in the lives of mutant kind. This comic book will potentially be a part of the stories coming up next if there must be anything with the Children of the Vault involved. Be sure to pick this one up at your local comic book store or where copies are sold.

Comic Details

Writer: Deniz Camp

Artist: Luca Maresca

Color Artist: Carlos Lopez

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Artist: Yanick Paquette, Guru-eFX

Editor: Sarah Brunstad

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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