Published on July 9th, 2023 | by Tim Chuma

Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1 Review (2023)

Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1 Review (2023) Tim Chuma

Summary: The story takes a bit to get going but if you are into this character I would recommend it.



After some heavy stuff going down previously Carrol Danvers is having a break in a remote fishing village in Maine, even rescuing a breakaway boat in a storm without using her powers. When she finally checks her phone she finds a bunch of messages from the Avengers demanding she come back as in the Marvel universe everything is exploding all the time.

Meanwhile some random dude is having problems with his uncontrolled exploding linked to his jealousy of Captain Marvel. Another baddie decides to use this to his advantage and decides to use it against Captain Marvel when she is doing a youth outreach program in the city.

I haven’t really been following Captain Marvel stories that much but she does get around and turn up in a lot of storylines. This story seems to be a different one again from the others I have seen her in.

This one is good enough if you enjoy the character especially getting to see her solving problems without using her powers. Maybe wait an issue or two before the story starts going properly.


Comic details:

Writer: Ann Nocenti

Penciler: Paolo Villanelli

Cover Artist: Mike Mckone

Publisher: Marvel

Published: July 05, 2023

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