Published on March 2nd, 2020 | by Chris O'Connor

Captain Marvel #15 Comic Review

Captain Marvel #15 Comic Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: Carol Danvers continues trying to do the right thing while tasked with a horrendous goal, kill the avengers and bring them to Vox Supreme... or else! But it's never that simple.


Heavy Burden

Captain Marvel has to kill five Avengers in 24 hours, that seems like an impossible task at the best of times, but when it has to be done and the bodies of the Avengers then brought to Vox Supreme there’s clearly more to this simple, if horrific, task and Carol Danvers is running out of time to find out what’s going on and stop it.


You can’t get much more of a dangerous situation to start a comic than a conflict with a Hulk! Carol has been going through the list of Avengers to take out and provide to Vox Supreme… but She Hulk was always going to be a particular big challenge. Even just in that first battle we see the difficulty Carol faces… she’s tasked with taking down Avengers, her friends. That is made abundantly clear in Carol’s little comment about how with “the others, there was always an edge that I could take away…. with Jen, there’s just…. Jen”. That knowledge and understanding of who she is up again shows the depth of understanding she has of the person she has regrettably been forced to fight. That sense of reluctant duty is continued with her next big challenge also facing down the first Avenger.


The artwork here is fine… it’s nothing special but it’s certainly not bad either. Nice clean and clear images throughout and a cover that looks like it belongs on a heavy metal band album cover.

Final Thoughts?

As a philosophy major I can appreciate the moral conundrum Captain Marvel finds herself in here. She can either refuse to kill the Avengers and watch as Vox Supreme sets off bombs killing countless humans on earth… or she can prevent the bombs being used by killing the five Avengers and bringing their bodies to Vox Supreme. Readers can debate where Carol’s moral responsibility lies… whether she can/should be held accountable for killing Avengers, if she is only doing so in order to prevent the deaths of innocent humans or whether she should be excused for trying to act with the greater good in mind.
An interesting read and worth grabbing if you want to follow the whole story… it’s a great method of arguably taking away the power of one of the most powerful heroes around… or at least constraining how that power can be used. Pick up a copy if you like a bit of philosophizing with your comics.

Comics Book Details

Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Lee Garbett
Cover Artist: Mark Brooks
Genre: Superhero,
Format: 24pgs, FC, Ongoing
Release Date: 19th February, 2020

About the Author'

Father of four, husband of one and all round oddity. Gaming at home since about 1982 with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Moving on to the more traditional PC genre in the years that followed with the classic Jump Joe and Alley Cat. CGA, EGA, VGA and beyond PC's have been central to my gaming but I've also enjoyed consoles and hand helds along the way (who remembers the Atari Lynx?). Would have been actor/film maker, jack of many trades master of none.

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