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Cable #1 REVIEW (2024)

Two Cables, Same Problem

Battle-hardened Cable returns in a brand-new series of his own. In Cable #1, Cable isn’t alone as his younger self, Kid Cable, joins him in the pursuit of an even greater threat than Orchis themselves. After taking care of The Children of the Atom with Bishop, Cable sets his sights on rescuing Kid Cable from his imprisonment in an Orchis containment pod as the first line of defense. Loaded to the teeth with weaponry of the future, these two time-hopping warriors will have to band together to prevent the assimilation of mutants and humankind on the planet Earth. Their enemy possesses such a terror that the only way to stop this end of free will called the Neocracy is to cut it off before it even begins. In their pursuit, they find out just how difficult stopping something that’s supposed to happen in this timeline will truly be. The Cables will have a lot on their hands to deal with as they get further and further into the belly of the beast.

Written by astounding Fabian Nicieza (Age of Apocalypse, Conan, Deadpool), Cable #1 gives Cable another reason to keep fighting for an uncertain future. This time instead of one Cable, fans of the techno-organic warrior get a double dose with Kid Cable. As to why Kid Cable is needed by Cable is yet to be unseen, but certainly, there is an explanation as the story progresses. Nicieza gives readers a sense of urgency that takes over the current problem with Orchis. While Orchis might have a metaphorical foot on the mutants’ necks, Cable believes what’s coming down the line next will be far worse than the present situation. After convincing how terrible the future is going to be, Kid Cable saddles in with older Cable. As both Cables are practically the same, Nicieza can differentiate them by the age gap and the maturity between them when they’re together. His writing helps readers understand that Kid Cable may not have as much grime as Cable has, but he has a heart left to crack a joke or two. Something is coming for the planet and with two Cables on the job, Nicieza might surprise readers with unseen spectacular mayhem.

Speaking of spectaculars, Scot Eaton (Batman Beyond, Captain America, Green Lantern) as the artist for the comic book should be praised for his commitment to making this story come to life. Cable #1 was penciled in with the utmost level of detail that makes the story even more interesting to read. For example, Cable is all about cool weaponry, gadgets, and firepower. Eaton displayed that imagery so vividly that it’s hard to put the book down. From the characters, backgrounds, panels, and attire Eaton gives readers what they were hoping to see in a Cable book. If they were expecting a boring book that didn’t add any value to the overall X-Men saga, they are sadly mistaken. Eaton captures the vision of Nicieza so well that his work complements the story structure in a synced path.

With Joe Sabino (Deadpool, Dark X-Men) as the letterer, Nicieza can rest assured that dialogue, great sound effects, and caption placement are in sound hands. Correspondingly, long-time inker Cam Smith (Action Comics, Astonishing X-Men) and Victor Nava (Non-Stop Spider-Man) do a great job inking the book. Every shadow and indication of movement allows readers to grasp the idea of the atmosphere of each panel.

Java Tartaglia’s (Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest) coloring work is a magical display of enticing excitement within the pages of the comic book. Each page is equipped with color so sharp readers could swear they were watching a movie with Cable in comic form. The distinction in coloring Tartaglia provides for the book itself is so good that readers may have to read the book twice to just enjoy the elevation of awesomeness this comic book unfolds. Cable #1 is lucky to have a colorist who is willing to upscale the valuable craftsmanship of coloring.

Comparatively, Whilce Portacio (Deathmatch, The Incredible Hulk, Invincible) and Alex Sinclair (The Avengers, Batman) did an amazing job on the cover art for the comic book. It says Cable on a certain degree of coolness.

Overall, Cable #1 is a fantastic read that fans of Cable will kick back and enjoy. It’s fun to see two Cables working together as that doesn’t happen too much at all. The story is unfolding at a fast pace, so who knows how the outcome will turn out. Will just have to see what happens next in the upcoming issue. Be sure to pick this comic up at your local comic book store or online where copies are sold.

Comic Details

Writer: Fabian Nicieza

Artist: Scot Eaton

Inkers: Cam Smith, Victor Nava

Color Artist: Java Tartaglia

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Cover Artists: Whilce Portacio, Alex Sinclair

Editor: Jordan D. White

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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