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Today BuildBee announced the release of several free packs of assets for board game developers and enthusiasts, to help take board game creations to the next level. These packs will be grouped under BuildBee Games, which was made to help amateur and professional board game creators, design and realise new designs, game mechanics, and art styles.

BuildBee, a 3D printer software company, provides a cloud-based platform which allows users of any skill level to operate, run and access 3D-printing from any BuildBee-based 3D printer worldwide without having to own a 3D printer. Because the process happens only between cloud-to-printer, the design cannot be stolen or intercepted and protects the owner’s intellectual property.

BuildBee’s Lead Product Developer and co-founder Matt Griffiths said, “We’ve always been fans of board games, particularly games like Carcassonne on the Hill and Ticket to Ride. When we realised we could help with their creation, it was an easy decision. We wanted to give board game developers options for game objects that are easy to access but also give them the option to design or tailor their own.”

“With BuildBee, board game developers and enthusiasts will have access to a large variety of asset types as well such as an apple, or a meeple in a wheelchair; they’ll be able to print what they need and even change the asset’s size, position and general shape to fit their requirements,” said Griffiths.

BuildBee Games packs that are now available:

  • Organisation Pack (card holders, trackers, boxes, etc.)
  • Elements Pack (water, fire, wind, etc.)
  • Food Pack (peach, eggplant, grapes, etc.)
  • Meeple Pack (standard, wheelchair, wizard, etc.)
  • Shapes Pack (star, cone, teardrop, etc.)
  • Tools Pack (hammer, shovel, rope, etc.)
  • Modern Weapons Pack (pistol, SMG, bullet, etc.)
  • Medieval Weapons Pack (sword, bow & arrow, shield, etc.)

Card holders are scaled to a practical size and are ready to print. Print multi-card holders on their side for best results. All other tokens and meeples are scaled to fit in a 10mm x 10mm footprint, and should be scaled up to the desired size.

BuildBee are working on future packs for release in early 2021, some of which will be added free to BuildBee, while other more detailed packs will be available to Pro and Enterprise tiers.

Access to BuildBee begins at the Starter level, which is free, and builds up to the Pro and Enterprise levels. BuildBee pricing and level access can be found here.

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