Published on October 26th, 2022 | by Adrian Gunning

Build a Shining Future on the Ashes of the Past: Victoria 3 Available Now

A revolution has many sounds. There is the tumult of protest. The crackle of gunfire. The whirring of machines and the whistle of steam. The resonant echoes of the past are only that – echoes – and not a barrier to the future you will sing. Now, Paradox Interactive invites you to conduct this symphony of noise, bringing order to the chaos of society. Erect your grand tomorrow in Victoria 3 today.

Victoria 3 is the newest historical grand strategy game from the masters of the form at Paradox Interactive. Set in the dramatic century from 1836 to 1936, Victoria 3 casts you as the guiding spirit of not just a nation, but a population, responding to its material and political needs as changes in technology, ideology and diplomacy transform the globe. Every individual, from lowly serf to mighty industrialist, has a role to play in this grand drama as you build factories, trade valuable goods, reform your government, and stave off the dogs of war.

Watch the launch trailer:

Features of Victoria 3 include:

  • Infinite Replayability: Rewrite history as any of dozens of nations from the Victorian Era, from industrial powerhouses like Great Britain and Prussia to populous giants like Russia and Qing China or powers in waiting like Japan or Colonial Canada.
  • Deep Societal Simulation: Every inhabitant of your nation is simulated, whether farmer or clerk, capitalist or craftsman. Each has personal beliefs, political preferences and, most importantly, a standard of living to maintain.
  • Challenging Economic Gameplay: Develop your economy through the development of new industries and institutions, trading surplus goods to the many markets of the world and importing what your population needs to make life affordable.
  • Diplomatic Brinkmanship: Anything you can win through war can also be achieved at the negotiating table. Open diplomatic plays, calling on allies for support, as you press demands on weaker or rival nations.
  • Political Development: Manage the various political factions in your country through laws and reforms. Can you improve the life of your citizens, if it means angering established authorities?
  • A Living World: Watch the map change before your eyes, as newly constructed railways run between burgeoning cities, many of which were mere hamlets decades before.

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Adrian lives in Melbourne Australia and has a huge passion for gaming, technology and pop culture. He recently finished his a Bachelor of Journalism and is currently focusing on games journalism. When not writing and playing video games, Adrian can be found in Comics 'R' Us debating the pros of the DC Universe and cons of the Marvel Universe.

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