Published on March 17th, 2024 | by James Wright

Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons Remake PS5 Review

Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons Remake PS5 Review James Wright

Summary: Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons Remake is a clever puzzler with emotion and thought!


Brotherly bond

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was originally released on the Xbox 360 way back in 2013 that became a hit across multiple platforms that revolved around a moving tale about two brothers searching for a cure for their terminally ill father. To make matters worse for this family, the youngest of the brothers saw his mother drown in the ocean and with their father ill, this pushes them even more. With only a map to guide them to a magical tree where the cure lies, they embark on a perilous journey across the lands and they only have each other as support.

Welcome to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.. THE REMAKE!

When it comes to remakes, I don’t think the gaming community was expecting that Brothers would be released several years later but somehow it works. On the PlayStation 5, the game features improved graphics thanks to the Unreal Engine 5 that now makes this title look like a next-gen, better gameplay and even a new co-op mode that gives additional scope to how this title is played.

At its core, Brothers is an exploration game with puzzles thrown into the mix that make the title quite a relaxing experience. On the PlayStation 5, the graphics really pop and the world is quite bustling and nothing feels flat or static but rather, this world feels like a real world. Additionally the game has this fairy tale element to it and while their are moments of light, there are also moments of darkness, including those darker denizens like trolls who call this world home as well.

Controls are well mapped on the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller but there is a twist. The twist is that you actually control both brothers which does take some time to master as each stick and shoulder trigger interacts differently with the two characters – this can add a challenge, especially for those “co-op” puzzles. This element really adds to the overall strategy, including the small touches such as the younger brother being scared of water.

However when you do master the controls, Brothers becomes a very enjoyable experience and if you have another person in your home with a second controller, each player then controls one of the brothers which makes the gameplay quite different. Incidentally the game works perfectly on the PlayStation Portal that had me swapping between that and the DualSense controller during my play-through. Oh, both the DualSense and Portal light bars change colour as you interact with a different brother that is a clever use of the controllers .

Complementing the graphics is the dynamic sound effects of this world, including the pseudo language used the characters which adds danger and emotion to the gameplay. Further, the soundtrack is quite engaging and changes with the various areas and gaming dynamics.

Final Thoughts?

Never having played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons before… I really enjoyed this interactive fairy tale as I explored a world of both wonder and darkness. Sure, some of the gaming elements are a little basic at times but it’s also one of those games such as The Talos Principle that has this meditative appeal to it.


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