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Bring on the fun with February’s PlayStation VR ‘Picks of the Month’

Apex Construct

Available now, Apex Construct transports you to a dystopian land as you strive to outsmart the ruthless robots that now inhabit and dominate the world. Designed exclusively for PlayStation VR, this atmospheric game uses puzzles and battles to reveal the secrets of the post-apocalyptic universe. Your skills will be put to the test as the future of human kind rests on your shoulders in this heart-stopping action adventure game.

You can see the trailer here. Apex Construct is available via the PlayStation Store for $44.95.

Sprint Vector

Get ready to race in this fast paced, no holds barred intergalactic journey. Sprint Vector gives the player unhindered ability to defy physics and gravity as you engage in multiplayer races through space. Your speed and agility will be put to the test as you battle to master the complex tracks and maps. The fluid locomotion system in PS VR allows you to move at breakneck speeds while maintaining smooth movements that avoid speed-induced nausea.

You can see the launch trailer here. Sprint Vector is available via PlayStation Store for $37.95 or $26.56 for PS Plus members.

Rec Room

Rec Room brings together friends and strangers alike in a virtual community where you can play with gamers all over the world. Get ready to be immersed in a variety of games, from epic co-op missions, paintball and casual mini-games like 3D Charades and Disc Golf. Alternatively, create and share your own games using a growing variety of fun tools.

You can see the launch trailer here. Rec Room is available free on the PlayStation Store.

Cold Iron

Leave time and reality at the door as you enter the Weird West in Cold Iron. Every enemy is unique, every duel is different, and every bullet counts. On a mission against a variety of foes, you must use wit, speed and skill to outsmart rivals but luckily you have a secret weapon – your demonic pistol. In this PS VR shooter game, behold the out of this world experience where your every decision is put to the test.

You can see the trailer here. Cold Iron is available via the PlayStation Store for $29.95.

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