Published on July 26th, 2022 | by Chris O'Connor

Boss Ladies Of Science Book Review

Boss Ladies Of Science Book Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: Amazing people achieving amazing things providing fantastic inspiration to everyone.


I knew this book was going to be fantastic when the first person referenced, Ann Makosinski, at 15 invented a torch/flashlight powered with just the warmth of one’s hand and also invented a cup that uses the energy of a hot drink to charge your phone. That’s the way the book starts… how cool is that? I mean I was seriously hooked from that opening. The book then goes on to fascinate and inspire us by presenting a wealth of amazing women and the amazing things they have done.

I was thrilled to see a number of personal heroes, Jane Goodall (for her amazing work with chimpanzees) and Katie Bouman for her mind blowing work that brought us the first image of a blackhole. These are just a few of the phenomenal women in the book. We don’t just get to learn about these leaders in their fields, we also get some great artwork too. Each person has a lovely cartoon styled caricature of themself who is easily recognisable and certainly helps make the book accessible and appealing to the target audience.

Target audience is an interesting term here because the book is clearly intended for junior readers but as mentioned at the start… more mature readers can still find plenty of inspiration in this book. Reading of what these women have done and continue to do is not just inspiring but also heartening and a source of hope for the future. They aren’t just making positive contributions to the world via their achievements they are also clearly providing inspiration to many others, paving the way for future achievements.

As a lover of science I thought this book was brilliant… when I showed it to my nearly 10 year old daughter she added it to the collection of books she is making her way through, so arguably a successful engagement with the target audience there.

Final Thought:

I highly recommend this book to anyone with a love of science, with a child they want to provide some great role models too or who just loves learning about what amazing achievements have been made. Grab a copy for yourself and any young people in your life.

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