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Bose SoundLink Max Portable Speaker Review

Bose SoundLink Max Portable Speaker Review Brent Thomas

Summary: Bose SoundLink Max Portable Speaker? Audio perfection? You betcha!

Audio perfection


The Bose SoundLink Max is a portable Bluetooth boombox style speaker that packs a massive punch for its size and has incredible sound quality. It has great portability and is well suited for extended loud outdoor use, even in wet and muddy conditions.

What’s in the box

  • Bose SoundLink Max Portable Speaker
  • USB-C Cable (C to C)
  • Instruction booklet

Official Specs

Weight 2.13kg
Dimensions 12cm x 26.5cm x 10.5cm
Outer Shell Silicone

Carry Handle (removable)

Battery Lithium Ion Rechargeable

20 hours play time

Full Charge in 5 hours

Bluetooth 9m range

Bluetooth Version 5.3

Input/ Output Auxiliary In (For High Fidelity Audio)

USB-C in/out

Compatible App Bose App (iPhone tested)
Waterproof Rating IP67 (water resistant to complete immersion)


The speaker feels very sturdy with solid build quality and the silicone outer shell is a great touch that feels like it adds durability. The carry strap aids portability and being able to charge via USB-C out is a handy addition to the water resistance for taking the speaker outside. Great for showing my neighbours some new tunes! Water resistance and dust proof rating IP67 are very handy to not need to worry about using outdoors in the elements. Nice feature is that the speaker will let you know via voice feedback the battery percentage and if the unit is too wet to charge safely. It is surprisingly nice to have a carry handle as well.

Connectivity/ APP/features

The Bose App pairs easily with the speaker and has pretty standard EQ features such as Bass Booster/ Bass Reducer and Treble Booster/ Treble Reducer. With most other portable speakers I am inclined to crank the low bass and high treble. But with the Bose Soundlink Max the stock EQ settings are perfect. I would have loved the ability to turn on the speaker via Bluetooth like other speakers allow, but this is only a minor gripe that you need to physically turn on the speaker before use. I set up the shortcut button to take me straight to Spotify on my phone, a nice touch. The battery appears to last the 20 hours as advertised, as after 4 hours of continuous use the battery was still sitting at 80%. Of course, the battery life will reduce if you charge your phone, but even if you used the speaker for 10 hours continuously, there would still be 50% of the battery left over to charge your phone if needed without powerpoint access.

Sound Quality

The speaker goes incredibly loud and projects well in outdoor environments, including easily accommodating the loud noise of a group of people at a party.  To emphasise how crisp and clear the treble sounds at high volumes is hard to get across in a written review! I have to repeat how great the bass is too, it is as if the sound of the speaker that comes out is quadruple the size of the actual unit. Almost like there is a subwoofer in the room when in use. I tested a range of music genres from heavy metal, progressive rock, synthwave, EDM and even podcasts- all genres sounding incredible at stock EQ settings via Spotify.


The Bose SoundLink Max Portable Speaker. It is a very expensive speaker but absolutely worth the price. This will replace all my other portable speakers at home and is a must use for outdoor entertainment and parties. Highly recommended!

Score 4.9/5


Incredible sound quality with deep bass and clear highs

Crisp even at high volumes

Sturdy build quality and tough enough for wet/ dusty outdoor use


Is expensive

Would love to be able to turn on remotely via Bluetooth

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