Published on November 29th, 2021 | by James Wright

Bluey Christmas Swim Book Review

Just in time for Christmas comes Bluey Christmas Swim Book that not only celebrates Christmas Day but it does it in classic Bluey fashion that also pays homage to our great country! Add in a beautiful summer’s day, a swimming pool, Christmas lunch with the family and a special guest for Bluey called Bartlebee and it ticks all the right boxes for another fun story about our favourite blue cattle dog in printed form!

Like other Bluey books, they are based on certain episodes from the series that as a result, mimics the cartoon perfectly, particularly from colourful art which brings these characters to the forefront of the story. Additionally the text flows well and if you have young children who enjoy Bluey, they will equally enjoy these hardcover books from Penguin. Older readers will also appreciate the extra layer of subtleties that makes it very easy to relate to these character no matter what your age.

Additionally the dialogue amongst characters is great and whether they are eating a Christmas lunch, swimming or the parents of Bluey playing into their daughter’s imaginary friend Bartlebee, it become a very memorable tail… err… tale from start to finish.

Final Thoughts?

The book Bluey Christmas Swim is another fun read from Penguin that delivers a great Christmas about Bluey and his sometimes eccentric yet relatable family which is filled with Australia at its best!

Book Details

Number of Pages:32
Publisher:Penguin Random House

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