Published on June 6th, 2022 | by James Wright

Bluey: A Jigsaw Puzzle Book Review

Bluey: A Jigsaw Puzzle Book Review James Wright

Summary: Bluey: A Jigsaw Puzzle is a fun interactive book for younger readers


Bluey puzzles!

Taken directly from the hit ABC KIDS TV show comes Bluey: A Jigsaw Puzzle book that adds a true element of interactivity for the younger reader to help Bluey and her family put together the four double sided puzzles included in this title. Fans of the series will immediately notice the pictures on these jigsaw puzzles which are taken from four distinct episodes such as Sleepy Time and Shaun.

Once they are put together, they make a picture from the day in the life of Bluey and her colourful family that includes sister Dingo and of course Mum and Dad. Best of all, these completed jigsaws feature the same artwork style and colours from the TV series that younger children will immediately relate to and best of all, this book is very affordably priced at just $10AUD (June 2022).



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