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Blasters4Masters Call of Duty Lumina Ray Gun Review

Blasters4Masters Call of Duty Lumina Ray Gun Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: The Blasters4Masters Call of Duty Lumina Ray Gun brings the iconic weapon to the real-world!


Out of hell!

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty and on the hunt for a unique collectible to celebrate your love of this franchise, then no look no further as Blasters4Masters have delivered something truly special with their “Lumina” Ray Gun, a meticulously handcrafted prop that is more than just a collectible for your shelf.

But its more than just for looks. The Lumina Ray Gun is actually an interactive prop that features bright LED lights to mirror the gun from the game and you can even open it up to insert the ammunition cases. Not only does it look stunning with its overall quality but it’s also quite eerie with its two highly detailed zombie hands that hold this Call of Duty inspired ray gun.

The Ray Gun was first introduced in Call of Duty World at War, where it was an Easter Egg weapon in the Campaign

One of the more modern inclusions of the Ray Gun in Call of Duty was in Black Ops Cold War (below) that makes this weapon an iconic part of the series

Blasters4Masters Call of Duty Lumina Ray Gun Review

Thanks to Blasters4Masters we were given an opportunity to check out this awesome collectible – The Lumina Ray Gun makes for the perfect prop for your study, gaming room or office… or if you’re a cosplayer looking to delve into Call of Duty, it also makes the perfect prop for a convention and Blasters4Masters should be commended on the attention to detail on this collectible that is nothing short of spectacular. The detail on the blaster itself is faultless and it successfully mirrors this weapon from Call of Duty which makes the perfection transition from the virtual world to our world.

Further supporting the overall presentation of this prop is the realistic paint work that brings this ray gun to life. However (and as mentioned), Blasters4Masters goes one step better as this prop by adding lighting to the ray run which is very cool.

The last part of this prop puzzle is the display that features two gruesome zombie hands that can be used to display the ray gun and it brings all the elements of this collectible together. Like the ray gun the two realistic zombie hands looks like they are rotting and the discoloration of the paint work makes them look dead. From the veins, skin, prints and even finger nails, these hands are an accurate representation of what two zombie hands should look like. The four radioactive shell casings again add to the display properties of this handcrafted prop and the ability to arm the weapon with the ammunition is a very cool touch.

The Blasters4Masters Call of Duty Lumina Ray Gun also comes well packed from this company and it does require some setup to piece it all together. While the gun is a standalone piece, the two zombie hands must be placed into the base that then allows you to display the weapon standing the correct way up.

As the shells are lose, they can be placed wherever you like around the prop or as mentioned, inside the gun. While the prop is made from plastic, it is heavy and feels well-built… although just don’t stop it. It should also be noted that the Lumina is built through 3D printing and of course human intervention to fine tune the item once printed, including installing the electronics and lights. The last part of its creation is the hand-painting that makes again adds to the realism and makes this prop a true collectible.


Final Thoughts?

The Blasters4Masters Call of Duty Lumina Ray Gun is a brilliant prop and collectible from this company that successfully celebrates this iconic weapon by bringing it from the gaming world to the real-world. Just be careful because your friends and family will probably want to get their grubby zombie hands on it as well.

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