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Black Science #43 Review

Black Science #43 Review Matt Fischer

Summary: An amazing series that unfortunately missed the landing for me


Missed landing


There are times in a person’s life when he (or she) has the right to get severely angry about something. I am officially initiating one of those moments for myself. This ending… was heartbreaking, depressing, rage inducing… and just a tinge hopeful.

Rick Remender played us all, because if I understood this ending right, the Pillar not only can punch through layers of the onion, but also through time. The fact that he brings up a plot point from 35 or so issues ago is nice, but the fact that he chooses that plot point just makes me feel like there is no purpose to any of this.

Kadir’s forces chase the family down. Nate and Pia die. Sara and Grant kill Kadir (a moment that feels remarkably hollow considering how much of an ass Kadir’s been the whole series.) Between these events we finally begin to understand what we were reading the last issue.

Everyone is gathered in a park, Nate, Grant, Sara, Pia, their family, Kadir, and hell even Rebecca is present. Grant and Kadir bury the hatchet, everyone is happy, and we finally realize that we are watching a DIFFERENT layer of the onion. In this reality, Grant and Co. get a happy ending. Nobody dies, Grants parents are alive and everybody lives happily ever after…

This is the point where the ending goes off the rails though because we then switch back to our Grant and Sara, who put on some very familiar bodysuits … and Grant locates a reality very close to their own. BUT WE KNOW IT’S THEIR OWN TIMELINE. Grant and Sara jump back into the past (Issue 10… maybe) To go save the kids from the “other Grant”. We know how that ends up (both parents die).

Grant McKay beat his personal demons. He gave up his intelligence. He even managed to save reality once or twice. With all of his faults, he strove to be a better man. To deny him a happy ending is a cheap shot Mr. Remender. After 42 issues of amazing work, you didn’t stick the landing (at least in my opinion.)

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