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Black Adam Dr.Fate Resin Statue Review

Black Adam Dr.Fate Resin Statue Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Black Adam Dr.Fate Resin Statue ... the Doctor is in and is perfectly miniaturized from the fil, Black Adam into a 12" statue form.



Upon wearing the ancient alien golden Helmet of Fate, Kent Nelson transforms from kindly academic into a mystical sorcerer. One of the founding members of The Justice Society, Doctor Fate is able to forgo all emotion to envision future outcomes, conjure terrifying illusions and bewitch his opponents with power that outmatches even the powers of the gods.

McFarlane Black Adam Dr.Fate Resin Statue Review

Doctor Fate (Dr. Fate) is one of DC’s oldest superheroes and first appeared in More Fun Comics #55 (May 1940) as a mysterious gold helmeted sorcerer and one year later (More Fun Comic #67), his secret origin was revealed to the reader. Dr. Fate’s alter ego is archaeologist Kent Nelson who was also a founding member of the first superhero team to grace the comic medium, the legendary Justice Society of America and from there, the rest is history.

Product Features:

  • Resin Stands Approximately 12”
  • Made of Cold Cast Resin
  • Includes imbedded magnets and pegs for easy assembly
  • Packed in a closed box, secured safely in a foam insert

While the character of Dr. Fate has appeared in a variety of different mediums from games to comics, it was the 2022 film Black Adam that brought this character to the big screen courtesy of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Interestingly, The Rock was talking about a Black Adam way back in 2007 and while his dream of bringing Teth Adam (aka Black Adam) to the cinema succeeded, it received mixed reviews. As a film, Black Adam is a fun popcorn film that saw Pierce Brosnan perfectly cast as the enigmatic yet troubled Kent Nelson, including bringing the Justice Society along for the ride as well.

As a huge Dr. Fate fan, the costume design of the first onscreen version of this character channeled the costume almost perfectly, however it was lacking the eyes to the soul. We did get a glimpse of those eyes in the film and obviously the creators had bigger plans for this character that will probably never come to fruition due to the new direction of the DCEU with James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Nonetheless, McFarlane released a movie perfect 12″ (30cm) statue of Dr. Fate that looks identical to its film counterpart even down to the battle scars on the helmet to the ridiculously detailed runes on the clothes and cape. It’s also a shame that we will probably never get to experience the story behind this Dr. fate.

Unboxing Gallery

The statue comes well packed from McFarlane and the only assembly required is to connect the statue to the base that is with a large metal rod which securely puts it in place. Once you have completed that, you’re ready to enjoy the majestic aesthetics of this 12″ Dr. Fate statue.

So without further ado… here is the glorious Black Adam Dr.Fate Resin Statue …


Final Thoughts?

If you’re a fan of Dr. Fate from comics or Black Adam film aficionado, this 12″ Black Adam Dr.Fate Resin Statue is a must have collectible which boasts some truly stunning attention to detail. McFarlane Toys… flawless victory of the good doctor, Dr. Fate!


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