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Bitdefender New Security Line Will Stop Most Sophisticated Attacks

New 2019 Bitdefender Consumer product line dials up aggression against online crime

SYDNEY, Australia – July 17, 2018 — Bitdefender, a leading global cybersecurity technology company protecting over 500 million users worldwide, launches its 2019 consumer security product line, agressively raising the bar on industry standards. The new consumer security line that stops cybercriminals before they attack, sniffs them out based on their behavior, and protects customers from all angles.

The Bitdefender 2019 product line offers renewed peace of mind with innovations such as Network Threat Prevention, that monitors the system in-depth for all avenues of attack to prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities in the system, detect and block brute-force attempts, prevent devices from being compromised in botnet attacks and keep sensitive information out off unencrypted web forms.

Your defense against the rapid spread of online crime is now stronger than ever with Ransomware Remediation. This new technology is the ultimate defense against zero-day ransomware attacks – it identifies ransomware-behavior and automatically backs up and restores your files, rendering the encryption from ransomware useless.

“Bitdefender has been at the forefront of the online security industry since its inception, taking big strides forward with each new generation of products,” Bitdefender’s Vice President Consumer Solutions, Ciprian Istrate. “With our latest state of the art anti-ransomware techonologies, we are taking data protection to new levels. We’re safeguarding people’s daily online lives using technology that only a short while ago was a security strategist’s seemingly impossible dream.”

With the 2019 line, Bitdefender adopts a more pro-active role as your Security Advisor, a completely new approach to Autopilot technology that evolves from the silent partner that takes care of things to a security advisor that helps users discover how they can benefit from additional security features depending on their specific needs.”.

Bitdefender 2019 also brings major advances to its Advanced Threat Defence, which closely monitors active apps for suspicious behavior, ready to take instant action to prevent infection. Improvements in Web Attack Prevention, the web filtering technology ensures you never land on a harmful website and informs you whether your search results are safe before you click on a link.

State-of-the-art Anti-Phishing technology sniffs and blocks websites that masquerade as a legitimate site to steal passwords or credit card numbers. Anti-Fraud warns you whenever you visit websites that may try to scam you, and Bitdefender Safe Files helps you prevent unauthorised changes to your most important files.

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