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Summary: Three gripping tales exploring the world of Bitch Planet.


Kick-ass read!

Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine De Landro present Bitch Planet: The Triple Feature! Three powerful stories that delve into the world of Bitch Planet, looking at the oppressors, the downtrodden and the revolutionaries in all their badass glory! This delightful little anthology also includes a collection of political essays, an engaging letter column and other wonderful tidbits for fans of the series.

In this anthology, we get to explore three short-stories about three very different women. The first, Windows, written by Cheryl Lynn Eaton, with art by Maria Fröhlich, follows the story of Lupe, a nurse who recounts her time spent working at Bitch Planet in the medical department. Without and Within, written by Andrew Aydin, with art by Joanna Estep, tells the story of a young secretary, Anna Winters, who experiences workplace sexual harassment, is coerced into going on a date and then blamed for when she is tardy for an important job. The third story, The Invisible Woman, by Conley Lyons and Craig Yeung, follows Leslie, a young woman who is desperately seeking a promotion. Big hair, bullying and humiliation is enough to inspire the rebellious spirit within this young lass, as we see her stand up and give the middle finger to the oppressive society she lives in.

This is Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine De Landro’s attempt at diversifying Bitch Planet, by bringing in new talented writers, artists and creators to spin some interesting and compelling stories. In the back of this triple feature, Deconnick mentions that they are taking a huge risk by doing this anthology. Well, I’m pleased to say that I believe that this risk has been a successful one. All three of these stories greatly differ from one another, however, they all still clearly fit in the world of Bitch Planet. Similar themes that focus around the oppressive patriarchy and its treatment of women echo within each narrative. Thought-provoking and compelling, I find that these stories are all cleverly written, focusing on these important and very topical themes, whilst at the same time, being satirical and tongue-in-cheek.

The art for all three of these stories greatly differ from one another, bringing a new and fresh interpretation of this world I’ve come accustomed to seeing drawn by Valentine De Landro. I really enjoyed seeing this world imagined and interpreted in different styles. It brings a new dynamic to this world, aesthetically renewing this visual narrative, as each artist offers a different perspective, and therefore bringing a new sense of energy to this world. The colouring in each story is different and varied, but serves the purpose of heightening the overall tone of each story. From muted and washed out colour palettes, to vibrant and almost pop-art inspired colouring, the ambience of each story is achieved, by shifting the emotional mood to suit the flow of each story.

Overall, I enjoyed the Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #1. I found it to be engaging and compelling, with each story fitting right into the world of Bitch Planet, but allowing us to explore this dystopian landscape from a fresh and new perspective. I enjoyed the variety of different art, and commend the different interpretations that each artist brings. If you are a lover of Bitch Planet, or new to the series and are curious to enter this world for the first time, then this is a comic you should definitely get your hands on.

I’m giving this annual 5 out of 5 stars!

CREATIVE TEAM: Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Maria Fröhlich, Andrew Aydin, Joanna Estep, Clayton Cowles, Conley Lyons and Craig Yeung
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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