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Summary: A powerful dose of raw emotion with stimulating and dynamic art.



The resistance is assembled and ready to take action, as The Children of Eleanor Doane prepare themselves for a battle of epic proportions. Brace yourself for an intense conclusion to President Bitch, where questions are answered, events intensify and the badass bitches take up arms!

The rioting on Bitch Planet has briefly halted, as all stare with bated breath as the former leader of the free world, Eleanor Doane, a.k.a President Bitch, calls for the crowds attention, whilst being threatened from behind by a security guard holding a “teaching stick”. Naturally the rioting resumes, as the inmates refuse to comply with the guards demands and during a heated fight, Operative Whitney is thrown from the balcony, resulting in her being seriously injured. However, Kam and Penny quickly arrive on the scene, desperate to find out from Whitney where the guard would have taken Doane…time is of the essence! With the information they need, the women quickly head to the Control Room where Makoto Maki has barricaded himself in, where he watches the mayhem and violence on the prisons security system. We also see the events unfold during New Protectorate Day, where the heart of The Council of Fathers is targeted. Shits about to get real, as The Children of Eleanor Doane stand up to reclaim the world that was taken from them!

It’s a wrap! The second story arc, President Bitch, comes to an almighty end! All of the violence and rioting has culminated in an epic and unexpected turn of events. This is a fast-paced and intense issue as the non-compliant inmates of Bitch Planet continue to riot with the blessing of Eleanor Doane. Ahh yes, the mysterious Eleanor Doane…we finally learn more about this enigmatic character, discovering who she is and why she is so important. Immediately her importance is realised, as we see how the other characters, like Kam and Mokoto react upon seeing her. She is a strong and powerful woman, who commands attention and respect and seeing her being defiant in the face of adversity gave me the tingles and goosebumps! For me, this issue was about her rising from the ashes and galvanising herself and her followers once again for the next stage of their uprising. How exciting! We also got to see The Children of Eleanor Doane assembled and in action, taking on the patriarchy headfirst, going straight for their beloved High Father. This got me excited, as it was gritty and intense, as it gave us a small taste of things to come. It feels like the world is on the cusp of war and nothing will get in the way of Eleanor Doane and her supporters from achieving their goal.

Artist, Valentine De Landro, brings so much emotion to this issue with powerful facial expressions, moving body language and gripping action scenes. It all comes together to create a thrilling and thought-provoking visual narrative. There is an intensity to De Landro’s art that I find he is perfect at capturing the raw, emotion-fuelled content of Bitch Planet. I also enjoy De Landro’s dynamic and experimental visual techniques that bring a fresh edge to the story. The colouring by Kelly Fitzpatrick heightens the overall intense emotional tone. There is an interesting mix of muted tones combined with a vibrant colour palette. This juxtaposition of colours captures the intensity of the events, and I find the bright pops of colour really draw attention to these particular moments, making them memorable and significant.

This was an impressive and exciting end to the second story arc of Bitch Planet. Intense, gritty and thought-provoking, this issue truly captures the exciting and stimulating pace of this story. I always find that Bitch Planet delivers a powerful dose of raw emotion with stimulating and dynamic art and this issue is no excepetion. I look forward to seeing the story evolve and discovering what Eleanor Doane and her army plan to do next. Do yourself a favour and grab a copy ASAP!

I’m giving this issue 5 out of 5 stars!

CREATIVE TEAM: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine De Landro, Kelly Fitzpatrick
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PUBLICATION DATE: April 26, 2017
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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