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Summary: When a book is this well written and this gorgeous, I welcome the many issues left.




First, the final page has to be discussed. Any book that can give me humanoid beasts, snarling and holding guns, is a great book.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk the actual issue. Mikey has been and redeemed, and he is now working closely with the Earth authorities, helping them combine their power with the power of Terrenos. We see the somewhat damaging past of Mikey’s father Aaron and his relationship with his father, Samael. Through these flashbacks, we begin to understand exactly why Aaron has tried so hard to be a good parent, and also why, on occasion he’s failed in many respects. The son begat the father… isn’t that how the saying goes? The issue began with a bunch of soldiers dying. Now our heroes rush in to … well, hopefully not meet the same fate.

Adriano Lucas has to be commended. This book has always popped with such bright colors. Purple magic clashes with the red death that Lore emanates. Blue searchlights illuminate the whole area and the vistas we generally get are stunning. The line work Is also quite on point. These are real people put in crazy situations. It’s a joy to see.

This book has never faltered, even during it’s side stories. 37 issues in and it still feels like we have an extremely long way to go. That’s necessarily not a bad thing. When a book is this well written and this gorgeous, I welcome the many issues left.

4 out 5 stars.

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