Published on December 19th, 2017 | by Chris O'Connor

Bingo Love OGN Comic Review

Bingo Love OGN Comic Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: True love challenged by society and circumstance blooms again.


Troubled love

I have a tendency when reading comics to read them in portions, some have natural chapter breaks others don’t, but typically I try to read portions at a time. Occasionally I come across a comic that won’t let me do that. That’s not to say I’m not allowed, but rather that it is so compelling and draws me in to such an extent that I need to finish it in one go. Bingo Love did just that. It’s the story of two people who fall in love and are torn apart by societies values, only to find each other again and have to work against new barriers to their love.


As I mentioned, this story pulled me right in and would not let me go. It’s told over a span of years which works wonders to show the challenges of a same sex relationship in the 1960’s with the general disapproval to the more modern environment in which society is now far more accepting, but life circumstances have changed and created new hurdles to our lovers true happiness. I don’t want to give anything away because it really is best to just dive right in and not come back up until you’ve finished reading but it’s pretty safe to say you may need a box of tissues nearby as it can be pretty heartbreaking. It’s lovely to see some of the extra issues related to same sex attraction come up… not just the refusal of family to accept love in whatever form it takes but in the knock on effect that that refusal to accept a loved one and their emotions can have.


The artwork is warm and inviting and really brings a sense of charm to the characters. The loving smiles, the playful gestures, it all draws you in and fills you with a sense of caring for these people. The finely crafted panels take you along the log flume of ups and downs, the successes and failures of trying to stay true to your heart or bending to the will of family and society. The words set up the story but the images really bring home the emotions, driving those moments of elation and sorrow home.

Final Thoughts

With same sex marriage finally legalised in Australia and acceptance growing around the world it’s still important to remember how far LGBTIQ+ rights have come. How far we’ve come in acceptance and arguably how much further there still is to go. This wonderful story strips away the name calling, the political point scoring and simply looks at two people who fall in love and the challenges they face to express that love. It would be interesting to have someone opposed to same sex relationships read this story and find out what they think afterwards. There are no real stereotypes here… nothing to grab on to and dismiss… it is simply two people, in love. There doesn’t need to be any more to it than that. A lovely story that should be read by as many people as possible and maybe a few people will come to realise that indeed… love, is love!

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Tee Franklin
Artist: Jenn St-Onge, Joy San
Cover Artist: Genevieve FT
Genre: Romance
Format: 92 pgs FC, TP
Release Date: February 14th, 2018

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