Published on March 2nd, 2020 | by Tim Chuma


BILLIONAIRE ISLAND (2020) #1 Review Tim Chuma

Summary: A lone assassin has his victim tied to a bed extracting a confession out of them, a plot gradually comes to shape with the mega rich getting rid of the poor as it always does.


Stick it to the man!

A lone assassin has his victim tied to a bed extracting a confession out of them, as it turns out the location he is looking for information about comes on TV at that time as it is a billionaire’s only channel. At the same time a journalist is questioning the head of the corporation who ends up being trapped on the island when she finds out the truth. The game’s afoot!

I was a bit wary of this one after reading the last part of the Second Coming series by the same writer, but this seems a lot more organised and easy to follow even if it does hit you over the head with the message.

Good characters and easy to follow motivations matched with nice artwork that will be interesting to see how some of the ruined architecture vs the futuristic locations will look in the rest of the story.

There was also the introduction to a mini-story Ash & Thorn about a lone hunter saving the world from demons, but the twist is she is old and still has all her power.Comics Details?

Final Thoughts?

An interesting enough concept for a story and although not an essential buy, it is at least enough to warrant picking up if you are into something different.

Comic details:

Writer: Mark Russell

Artist: Steve Pugh

Cover artist: Pia Guerra

Publisher: AHOY COMICS

Release date: Mar 04, 2020

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