Published on September 20th, 2021 | by James Wright

Big Panda Little Dragon Book Review

Big Panda Little Dragon Book Review James Wright

Summary: Big Panda Tiny Dragon is a beautifully written and illustrated book inspired by Buddhist philosophy and spirituality which is filled with emotion!



Written by James Norbury, Big Panda and Little Dragon is a truly delightful read about the wonderful friendship between a big panda and a tiny dragon which takes its inspiration from Buddhist philosophy and spirituality. Not only is it a beautiful read from start to finish but it features a great philosophical view on life by these two fantastic protagonists. Magically written, the illustrations behind the quotes are amazing which helps draw you in from start to finish.


Additionally this hardcover book is beautifully presented with some stunning watercolour and ink illustrations that help bring this this zen-like book to life for people of all ages. While it is a short read, it is also a very endearing one that will bring plenty of smiles to the faces of its readers and while it teaches some life lessons, it also highlights that life should be fun as well.

Big Panda Little Dragon is a must have book for your family!

Highly Recommended!

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