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BETTIE PAGE: UNBOUND #7 (2019) Review

BETTIE PAGE: UNBOUND #7 (2019) Review Tim Chuma

Summary: Secret agent Bettie Page has to infiltrate a colony of space bees to find the truth. Will she succeed?


Betty Buzzed

A bit of an odd one here, a combination of a story and actual details of Bettie Page’s life from her biography. It tells the story of Bettie Page’s secret work as an undercover agent for the Secret Service in this particular story she is tracking down what happened to all the personnel on a military base and finds out a colony of space bees has taken up residence under it.

The artwork is nice enough with the Bettie Page herself being well done and it looks to be period authentic. The giant bees are interesting looking and seem out of place in the time period enough for it to work.

I am not really sure who this would be aimed at, people who remember Bettie Page from back in the day would be getting on a bit now and those of her who know her other work would wonder why she is not showing much skin.

It is hard to tell where this story came from or is going as you are dropped into the middle of it. From what I read here I would probably not be bothered picking up any of the other issues. Unless you are a super Bettie Page fan I would probably not recommend it and then you would have plenty of other stuff she is in.

Comic details:

Writer: David Avallone

Art: Julius Ohta

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