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Best of 2000 AD Vol.1 (2022) Review

Best of 2000 AD Vol.1 (2022) Review Tim Chuma

Summary: A bit harder to get into than some of the other Judge Dredd collected editions so maybe one more for people who are already fans of 2000AD.


Still solid

Continuing in the re-release of the old 2000AD IP by Rebellion comes the Best of 2000AD with a selection of different stories across the magazine getting their own collected volume for a certain storyline. The main focus here seems to be promoting future releases as at least two of these are getting an upcoming release of the next book in the series.

Judge Dredd continues to be the meat and potatoes in the series and maybe the most accessible part of this release for a lot of people. There does not seem to be any other stories you need to know to get into those particular stories and it does not need to be followed up unless you are already into the series. From what the promo says there is one new Judge Dredd story and a classic one later in the issue.

I have to admit I found some of this a bit harder to get through such as the Ballad of Halo Jones or Brink that go on for a long time and don’t really seem to do that much in terms of having an interesting story. I wish they could have included some of the funnier characters like Strontium Dog. From the encyclopedia I reviewed a few months back there are hundreds of characters they could include in these and as they go through there will be more obscure ones included for release I am sure.

Anderson, PSI Division: Shamballa was surprisingly deep in terms of story as I had heard of that character but not seen one of their stories before. Is also the first story that actually shows something in Australia I have seen in the re-releases.

There is a variety of different artwork on display in each of the stories, even the two featuring Judge Dredd are by different artists so there is always something interesting to look at.

While this is a solid release, I would still not recommend it as much as the some of the Judge Dredd compilations or the encyclopedia or art books for the series just because it is more difficult to get into some of the stories in this one and you have to be more of a fan to enjoy it.

Book details:

Publisher: Rebellion

Published: 27 September 2022

Format: 200 pages, soft cover, colour

Cover Art: Jamie McKelvie

Compiled by: Owen Johnson Trade & Special Sales Manager

Gemma Sheldrake, Designer

Original Commissioning Editors: Shave MacManus, Richard Burton, Matt Smith


Judge Dredd: Mutie Block

Writer: John Wagner

Artist: Kev Walker

Colourist: Chris Blythe

Letterer: Annie Parkhouse


Brink: Book Onne, Part One

Writer: Dab Abnett

Artist: INJ Cuibard

Letterer: Simon Bowland


The Ballad of Halo Jones: Book One

Writer: Alan Moore

Artist: Ian Gibson

Colourist: Barbara Nosenzo

Letterer: Steve Potter


Strontium Dog: The Sad Case

Writer: John Wagner

Artist: Carlos Eszquerra

Letterer: Tom Frame


Critical Essay: Hidden Kingdom, Hidden Classic

Writer: Adam Karenina Sherif


Anderson, PSI Division: Shamballa

Writer: Alan Grant

Artist: Arthur Ranson

Letterer: Steve Potter


Judge Dredd: Spock’s Mock Chocs

Writer: Alan Grant

Artist: Brendan McCarthy & Jamie Hewett

Letterer: Tom Frame


D.R. & Quinch’s Agony Page

Writers: Jamie Delano & Alan Davis

Artist: Alan Davis

Ink & Colours: Mark Farmer

Letterer: Steve Potter

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