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BenQ’s new trio have the X Factor

XL2720Z, XL2411Z and XL2420Z – ‘excel’ and deliver

BenQ announce Firmware Update to existing owners of XL-Z Series to further enhance gaming experience

Sydney, Australia – July 2014: Adding to their winning arsenal of XL first-person shooter (FPS) purpose-built gaming monitors, BenQ Australia announce the XL-Z Series – the XL2720Z, XL2411Z and XL2420Z, all equipped with gaming refresh rate optimization management (GROM) giving professional eSport athletes and dedicated gamers onscreen precision and the visual advantage required for edging out opponents.

Gamers will also be thrilled with the announcement that BenQ is providing all current XL-Z Series gaming monitor owners with the opportunity to update their firmware providing existing XL-Z owners with the opportunity to improve their gaming experience without updating to the latest model. BenQ Australia is offering free pick-up and return as well as the free installation of the firmware.

Said BenQ Australia’s Josh Edwards, “The XL-Z Series monitors pack in all of BenQ’s latest innovations designed to support gamers by providing an ultra-smooth gaming experience via improved resolutions, faster response times, and quicker refresh rates.  As a result players obtain more fluid gameplay thanks to sharper video quality made to improve FPS performance.  Equipped with RevolutionEyes enhancements, the monitors also provide a new direct LED lighting system that enables gamers to practice for longer periods,” he said.

Edwards is referring to BenQ’s eye-care advancements; specifically two features fitted as standard across the majority of their monitor range designed to protect users’ vision from the detrimental effects of prolonged exposure to an LED screen.  ZeroFlicker™ eliminates backlight flickering at all brightness levels so that gamers can engage in longer sessions with improved visual comfort, while LBL technology (Low Blue Light) – unique to BenQ, manages the exposure of blue spectrum light emitted by their screens – to protect against retinal injury.

Continued Edwards, “BenQ is helping gamers protect their eyes during extended gameplay periods, with the inclusion of several adjustable low blue light levels that automatically adjust emission without affecting quality.  Using the GROM feature, gamers can also gain the freedom to custom-build their personal gaming experience.  GROM management systems enable the customisation of viewing preferences such as refresh rates (100/120/144Hz) display resolutions and screen sizes – all empowering users with increased control in addition to greater visual comfort.

“An even greater competitive edge is afforded by the inclusion of BenQ’s Black eQualizer, which enables total gaming visibility by allowing gamers to adjust brightness without over-exposing white levels, revealing critical combat details with improved visibility in darkened areas.  Accommodating individual viewing preferences, the Display Mode allows gamers to switch between nine monitor screen sizes, including 17-inch (4:3), 19-inch (4:3), 19-inch widescreen (16:10), 21.5-inch widescreen (16:9), 22-inch widescreen (16:10), 23-inch widescreen (16:9), 23.6-inch widescreen (16:9), 24-inch widescreen (16:9), and 27-inch widescreen (16:9), while Smart Scaling enables players to adjust the screen content on-the-fly to virtually any custom size without impacting controller sensitivity.

“With the release of the new XL-Z Series, BenQ is pushing the limits of performance once again becoming the first brand to provide blur reduction technology, which provides smoother game play.  Blur Reduction technology provides substantial improvements in the way action moves across the screen.  Last year we tested our blur reduction breakthrough with several professional gamers and at high profile events, and the response was so enthusiastically positive we decided to include the feature on our entire line up of XL Series monitors.

“We are also releasing a firmware update for our current XL-Z Series monitors to enable the use of select BenQ authorised third party optimisation utilities,” said Edwards.  “The new Blur Busters Strobe Utility for our XL-Z Series – which is available now – enables the optimisation of our XL-Z Series monitor’s blur reduction settings to allow the customisation according to the users’ personal gaming preferences.

“While BenQ gaming monitors are already optimised for high speed gaming, this optional utility lets you personalise the monitor’s blur reduction settings even further.  BenQ are first to market with this type of capability and we’re excited to offer our customers the flexible options to achieve the best possible gaming experience,” he said.

Anyone interested in further customising their existing XL-Z Series BenQ monitor with these upgraded blur reduction functions can contact BenQ Australia on 1300 130 336 to arrange the installation of the firware.  BenQ are providing this service, including pick up and return of the monitor at no cost.


XL2720Z      $599.00

XL2411Z      $399.00

XL2420Z      $499.00

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