Published on January 26th, 2020 | by Andrew Bistak

Beetle and Boo Book Review

Beetle and Boo Book Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Beetle and Boo is all about fears and turning them into something positive!


Childhood fears!

Beetle says that she’s
not scared of ANYTHING!
But surely everyone is
scared of SOMETHING?
Can Boo find out
what Beetle is
REALLY scared of?

Beetle and Boo is by Caitlin Murry and targets children from 3-years of age and older. The premise behind the book is about childhood fears and a beautiful relationship between a beetle and a bear. The book opens with Beetle who proudly states that they are not afraid of anything to their best friend Bear!

Bear asks his friend if they are afraid of monsters, spiders, the dark, ghosts, bad dreams, thunderstorms to which Beetle smugly states no.

However when Bear roars like a lion… well a bear, this roar scares poor little Beetle to their core as they both fall down in hysterics in this well written and illustrated story.

What we enjoyed about this book was its presentation and while some of these elements are scary for children, they ended with Beetle enjoying them such as finding thunderstorms relaxing or even going for car drives with ghosts. It’s definitely great writing and the accompanying images are great!

While it is a short book to read, it’s also a book that our children loved and has became another favourite as we all read it again and again and again!


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