Published on January 25th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning


Toylogic and PLAION are proud to announce that Warlander, the free-to-play, third-person, online multiplayer warfare game is available today globally on Steam.

Warlander features a new genre of competitive gaming which is a hybrid between hack-and-slash, shooter and strategy with up to 100 players divided into five armies with the goal of destroying each other’s castles.

Players can pick from three different classes: the warrior, master of the sword and shield; the mage, wielding elemental magic such as fire and lightning; or the cleric, excelling in healing and support abilities.

In addition to full-scale castle sieges using catapults, siege towers, battering rams and more; the climax of the battle unlocks the cataclysmic idols. Representing a powerful magic such as a massive meteorite shower, a giant tornado or a 4-seater robot; all capable of potentially changing the tide of the battle or securing victory.

Warlander is free to play right now and can be downloaded directly from Steam.

To find out more, check out on the official Warlander website or join the discussion and connect with the Warlander community via the game’s Official Discord server.


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