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The opportunity to become a legendary hero of Norse mythology has arrived! Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing have launched the co-op action “surthrival” RPG Tribes of Midgard on PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4. Play solo or team up with friends in this new genre where survival depends on the group instead of the individual. The tribe must work together to protect the sacred Seed of Yggdrasil at the centre of the village – if the Seed is destroyed, it’s game over. Put a stop to the end of the world, Ragnarök, by taking control of a mighty Einherjar, a Viking warrior brought down from Valhalla and thrive in the world of Midgard.

We created Tribes of Midgard to offer players both cooperative and solo experiences where they can live their own myths and legends. Stories worthy of being told around the campfire, just like the Vikings,” said Julian Maroda, CEO and creative director at Norsfell. “We can’t wait to hear about the community’s own tall-tales from adventuring in Tribes of Midgard!

The world of Tribes of Midgard is bright, colourful and procedurally generated, meaning that players can endlessly explore its areas and create their own Viking adventure for plenty of replayable fun. While opportunity is rich, danger lurks around every corner.

We are proud to share the amazing work Norsfell has put into Tribes of Midgard, it has been an immense joy to support them on their journey as game makers,” said Steve Gibson, president of Gearbox Publishing. “We believe Norsfell’s distinct vision will make this a game that is enjoyable for all kinds of game players for many years to come.”

Game Features: 

  • Multiplayer – Work together to defend the village from the legions of Hel and survive as long as possible. Tribes of Midgard is designed from the ground up with both solo and co-op play for up to 10 players in mind. In-game text and voice chat makes it easy to play with friends or make new ones along the way.
  • Two Game Modes
    • In Saga Mode, players must complete a series of quests to unlock the final Boss battle for Season 1 against Fenrir. But hurry, if Fenrir isn’t defeated before Fimbulwinter the world will literally freeze over! This mode contains special rewards and will be updated with new seasonal Saga Bosses, quests, rewards and more in the future.
    • In Survival Mode, the goal is to keep the Seed of Yggdrasil alive as long as possible against a constant flow of enemies. Set the parameters of your game: size, difficulty and more – the more challenging, the more XP will be earned. This mode enables players to strap in for a marathon or quick gameplay session.
  • Challenging Boss Battles – Every few days, the Jötnar, Giants who tower over the land with their terrifying stature, arrive out in the wilderness and slowly make their way toward the Seed. They can crush the underprepared in a single blow, so make sure to be ready by scouting out the Giant and crafting the right weapons to counter them. Whittle away at their enormous health pool in tactical raids or bring the entire tribe’s might to bear and crush them in one fell swoop!
  • RPG Progression – Explore the unknown to collect resources, craft legendary gear and build your character up to stave off Ragnarök. Progress along eight different classes offering unique ways to take on foes. Choose from 30 different Rune modifiers and offer a wide variety of potent abilities and status buffs (e.g., damage, armour, movement, drop chance).
  • Exploration – Traverse the procedurally generated world of Midgard to uncover ancient ruins, discover daunting dungeons and face treacherous enemy camps to loot for rewards… and never play the same map twice.
  • Building – Create ramps, bridges and walls to traverse the world of Midgard with its steep cliffs and cross winding rivers. Construct mighty fortifications to protect the home village, guarding it against hordes of Helthings and of course, the colossal Jötnar.
  • Free Seasonal Updates – The Wolf Saga is just the beginning, as Tribes of Midgard will be updated with free seasonal content releases to let players live out the epic sagas of Norse myth and legend. Each season will build upon the last with new content that adds to the adventure, creating the ultimate Viking sandbox.

Come, Einherjar – Midgard needs you. Valhalla can wait!

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