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Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review Andrew Bistak
Sound Quality

Summary: The Beats Solo 2 Wireless not only looks great but produces almost flawless sound quality that will have you in audio heaven


Audio bliss!

Beats Solo 2 Wireless
Headphones Type
– On-Ear
Headphones Use – Street/Fashion
Colour – White
Headphones Features – Microphone
Reviewer – Andrew Bistak

Coming in a variety of different colours, Impulse Gamer was given the opportunity to review the new Solo 2 Wireless headphones from Beats that not only produces an extreme level of audio clarity but is also wireless thanks to the incorporation of Bluetooth. However the first thing that I noticed about the Beats Solo 2 Wireless was the build quality which gave the user a very lightweight and well designed headphone that felt quite sturdy as well.

Even though this is basically an Apple compatible product, it does work with other devices that use Bluetooth and we tested this on both an iPhone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy S6. In terms of range, this product works up to 10 metres away from your iPhone 6 and once you start getting out of range, it eventually starts to crackle and will then stop.

Key Features

    Immerse yourself in an emotional sound experience. The Solo2 has a more dynamic and wider range of sound, with a clarity that will bring you closer to what the artist intended you to hear. Regardless of what kind of music you’re into, you will feel the higher fidelity sound in your Solo2.
    Engineered for comfort. Starting at the center of the flexible headband, the frame of the headphone has been curved like never before, giving the Solo2 a custom-fit feeling. The earcups have been ergonomically angled to complete this natural fit, with pivots for optimal comfort and sound delivery. Finally, the earcups’ premium material helps dissipate heat and minimize sound leakage.
    Think luxury sports car. The Solo2 boasts a streamlined aesthetic with fast flowing curves and no visible screws. Disciplined decisions in engineering and material selection have created a more durable headphone that is equipped for extended use. Easily foldable, this premium headphone is ready for your life on the go.
    Take control. With the color-matched RemoteTalk™ cable, you can change songs, adjust the volume and even take calls, without having to reach for your device. (Compatible with iOS devices. Functionality may vary by device.)

So having used these headphones religiously since I received the review unit, I must admit that they are extremely comfortable to wear, especially with the padded earcups and like other headphones, the head band can be adjusted for size. The appearance of the headphones looks great too, especially the stylised “b” logos on both earcups, the words “solo” and “wireless” just above the adjuster on the band with a RemoteTalk Wired Cable on the right, microUSB on the left plus a power button.

The RemoteTalk wired cable is also compatible with Apple products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad. In relation to the “b” logo on the left, you can control the volume by pushing up or down next to the letter. By pushing the b in the middle, it basically pauses the music or pressing it twice, it allows the user to skip to the next track. I also like how the Solo 2 Wireless makes a little tune once it has been connected to Bluetooth.

In terms of battery life, the Solo 2 Wireless lasts around 12 hours and to charge the headphones, you simply connect the device to the included microUSB cable and it takes a couple of hours to successfully charge. There is also a battery metre on the right earpiece which has five LED’s to display how much charge is left in the headphones. Interestingly enough, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless even comes with a built-in wireless microphone which is ideal for Apple users.

The sound quality of the Solo 2 provided some good levels and I listened to a variety of music that included The Killers Direct Greatest hits, Lion King, Fast and Furious 7 Soundtrack, Def Leppard Vault Greatest Hits and some even classic musical to see how it performed with a variety of different musical genres. Needless to say, all the genres sounded perfect on the Solo 2, even when the volume was loud which kept the music relatively distorted free.

Games on both the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 also produced clear audio as did watching movies. The only drawback is that the bass is a little prominent at times but thankfully this is not always the case and did depend on what you were listening to. Even though the product does not have noise cancellation, I must admit that its on-ear design does a brilliant job at reducing background noise. So when you’re all finished or ready to move, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless simply folds up with its compact design which can then be placed into the carry case.

Final Thoughts?

In conclusion, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones are a very impressive wireless product that works flawlessly over the Bluetooth connection. I love going wireless and the setup was extremely easy on both the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 with its excellent pairing capabilities. Then you have the look of the headphones itself and Beats should be commended on creating such as a good looking product that looks quite stylish and sounds brilliant!


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