Published on October 18th, 2022 | by Adrian Gunning

be quiet! System Power 10 series: Reliable and quiet power supply for price-conscious system builders

be quiet!, the German manufacturer for premium PC components, introduces its System Power 10 series of power supplies with 450 to 850 Watts for Europe, and the System Power 10 U, with 550 to 850 Watts for users outside of Europe. The 850W models are rated at 80PLUS Gold, while the other models are certified 80PLUS Bronze efficient. Both offer solid performance, a high reliability, and low noise levels. Combined with a great price-to-performance ratio, System Power 10 and System Power 10 U are perfect power supplies for price-conscious system builders.

Perfect for cost-effective, reliable and quiet systems

System Power 10/10 U’s combination of power and quietness for a PSU of its class and efficiency is far beyond ordinary – all models up to 750 Watts are certified 80PLUS Bronze (up to 89.1 percent efficiency) and able to support powerful graphics cards, providing tight voltage regulation with DC-to-DC technology and offering up to four 6+2 PCI-Express connectors. System Power 10 850W and System Power 10 U 850W come with 12V dual-rail and offer an 80PLUS Gold efficiency up to 93.4 percent (System Power 10 U: 93.3 percent) thanks to “LLC+SR” topology, a true testament to quality on this price level.

Dependable cooling at an attractive price

As expected, the be quiet!, System Power 10 series power supplies offer low noise levels, thanks to a temperature-controlled 120mm fan that is designed to strike the best balance between adequate cooling and maximum quietness. All System Power 10 models features flat black cables to simplify component installation, increase airflow, improve cooling, and help satisfy modern system aesthetics. As usual, the full range of safety protections are integrated, including OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP, UVP, and OTP.

Universal model for worldwide usage

System Power 10 is designed for the European market with an operating voltage of 200-240V. Outside of Europe, be quiet! will offer a universal version, System Power 10 U, which supports a wider operating input voltage of 100-240V. All models are paired with a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

System Power 10 and System Power 10 U are available from today at the MSRPs listed in the table below.

System Power 10 450W 200-240V €49.90 / £46.99
System Power 10 550W 200-240V €59.90 / £56.99
System Power 10 650W 200-240V €69.90 / £64.99
System Power 10 750W 200-240V €79.90 / £75.99
System Power 10 850W 200-240V €107.90 / £99.99
System Power 10 U 550W 100-240V $55.90
System Power 10 U 650W 100-240V $64.90
System Power 10 U 750W 100-240V $74.90
System Power 10 U 850W 100-240V $109.90

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