Published on March 11th, 2024 | by Andrew Bistak

BBC Experience Melbourne Review (2024)

The amazing BBC Experience is currently playing at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (METC) until 28th April 2024 is a celebration of some of the breathtaking footage taken from BBC Studios Seven Worlds that takes the attendee to the seven continents in just over 60-minutes. This edutainment experience is achieved with several giant screens littered throughout the viewing area plus state the art of audio equipment.

Complementing the footage is the voice of the legendary Sir David Attenborough whose soothing voice puts some excellent perspective of this journey. He gives the attendees bite-size chunks of information on how the world was formed, including the various continents that we visit such as the statement that mankind had literally shaped Europe. Additionally he discusses the “stars” of the BBC Experience such as animals, birds, insects and fish who adorn these giant screens.

As soon as you walk into the BBC Experience, it’s quite an eye opening “experience” as the giant screens have different shapes and sizes. So how does it all work for the attendee? You basically choose a place where you want to sit, which are bean bags, benches or a small theatre section and then watch the magic of the footage from the BBC Studios Seven Worlds unfold. Each continent is also introduced to the viewer with some special effects before you virtually walk these diverse landscapes filled creatures that call these places home.

From the Palingenia Longicauda (Mayfly) of Hungary to the giant Southern Right Whales of Antarctica or the Cheetah’s of Africa, seeing these creatures of the giant screen is indeed an experience and best of all, this is an all ages event that children will love the Snub Nosed Monkeys (Rhinopithecus) from Asia. Further supporting the BBC Experience is a large 180-degrees viewing platform called the Vista Stage which gives you a personal tour of these amazing continents. There is also an interactive Water World Room with underwater sea creatures, a Micro Life Room that gives you an Ant-Man sized perspective on the micro world to a creepy crawly room where you must hold a button as the insects are unleashed.

After being wowed by the blockbuster video and audio and the interactive rooms at the rear of the exhibition, there is a great photo booth experience near the exit. However unlike the paid photo booths, this one is totally free and allows you to have your photo taken with one of the stars from the experience courtesy of a green screen with the photo or photos emailed to you. Hopefully more places adopt this feature in the future. Additionally there is a gift shop and also a café that nicely rounds out of the BBC Experience before exiting through the Earth Room with a powerful message that only we can save our planet.


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