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Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Switch Review

Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Switch Review James Wright

Summary: Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo Switch delivers another ... climatic experience on this console



With Bayonetta 3 being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, owners of this console can now experience the original games on this innovative console before the next instalment is released. Although this game has been available on other consoles, the developers incorporate the touch screen into the gameplay, including the ability of playing it in both handheld and TV modes. Furthermore, the game has amiibo support, including unlocking other costumes and skins that adds to the overall craziness of the game.

So for the initiated, Bayonetta 2 as this overtly attractive and seductive witch once again pushes the boundaries of the titillation factor used in gaming. Add in all the sexual innuendos that you can think of plus the heavy use of the word “climax” in the game such as Umbran Climax or Tag Climax and beneath all this titillation is a very good game on the Nintendo Switch, especially its flawless combat system. This means that when you battle your enemies, the gameplay is quite fluid and fast-paced, particularly as you unleash your devastating combination attacks.

With just over 15 action-packed chapters, Bayonetta 2 should take most seasoned gamers around 12 to 15 hours to successfully complete in this 3D third-person action game that has strong parallels to the Devil May Cry series which is, its spiritual successor. Given that, the character of Bayonetta may be quite sexy, however she is actually a very witty and cleverly written character who takes the mickey out of the video game industry in relation to its portray of female characters. She is also a strong character and doesn’t take sh*t from no-one, especially when she takes on the forces of both heaven and hell.

The story of Bayonetta 2 starts several months after the first game finished that sees our beautiful witch in the middle Christmas shopping with her friend Jeanne. Unfortunately her respite is cut short when a small legion of angels attack this mortal city which once again requires Bayonetta to arm her gun to take down these nefarious enemies. Although victorious, Jeanne is attacked and she is taken to the underworld which requires our heroine to travel to the darkest reaches of the Inferno to save her.

Like the original, the links to the clandestine Umbra witches return as Bayonetta fights her way across a variety of realms, both in the real and mythical worlds. Beautifully presented by both pre-rendered and in-game cinematics, the story of Bayonetta is very well presented and still looks great on the Nintendo Switch.

The control systems of Bayonetta are quite simple that includes buttons for attacks (x2), gun, jump and the trusty dodge mechanic which at times can unleash witch time. You can also string attacks together to form a variety of combos that when linked to her weapons and “super” powers is a joy to watch.  And yes, her clothes (or hair) vanishes for a brief moment while she unleashes her fury. As you do defeat enemies in the game, you are awarded the in-game currency called halos which allows you to upgrade at the shop thanks to Rodin.

You can even mix and match the weapons that Bayonetta has access to and nothing is more enjoyable than unleashing your dual swords while finishing off your enemy with your high heels that are linked to a gun. Boss battles boom on an epic scale such as taking on ancient Dragons to jumping onto the back of a fighter jet while you take on the armies of heaven… it’s just pure fun! With that said and as Bayonetta performs her flips, jumps and dodging, there is an element of rhythm required to successfully defeat your enemies and when you find this zone, the gameplay really increases in its enjoyment factor.

Although Bayonetta can feel like an on the rails experience due to its linear gameplay, where this title does shine is through its complex battle mechanics. This means that the game is quite easy to pick-up, however by mastering the various moves, combinations and weapons can be a challenge, especially with the larger than life boss battles. Nonetheless, you can increase or decrease the difficulty depending on your skill and the developers have really added some great secrets and unlockable content which you’ll probably won’t find the first time around. Level design is another highlight that successfully creates real-world places like European cities to dark and sinister otherworldly hells.

Let’s talk about climaxes! Bayonetta 2 features climaxes that include the new Umbran Climax which allows our beautiful witch to summon ancient demons in order to increase her attacks/damage which can be quite devastating to your enemies. The second climax is the new Tag Climax which allows players to team up with another player in co-op mode that allows for double the action that is great for competitive gamers as you try to beat each other’s scores. This mode is great for racking up your halos!

Of course, you still cannot beat the Umbran Climax which allows Bayonetta to unleash a very powerful attack on your enemies once your power meter is filled. Another highlight of the original game was the witch time mechanic which is basically bullet-time that slows down the game in order to give Bayonetta the upper hand, provided you perform a last-minute dodge. This can really help you out in a jam! Enemies are also more diverse in Bayonetta 2, especially the bosses which all have set weaknesses that must be discovered and then exploited.

Graphically, Bayonetta looks great on the Nintendo Switch thanks to its detailed environments, special effects and of course amazing character models. The game also runs at a very lush 60 frames per second at 720p and although not the highest resolution, it’s quite acceptable. The star of the game however is Bayonetta herself that if she existed in the real-world would probably be 8-feet tall due to her unrealistic proportions that have been overtly sexualised.

With that said, Bayonetta 2 will definitely cop quite a bit of flak from the gaming world (a second time), especially with her sexualised characterisation that is made ever so more evident when the camera panders over her breasts or crotch. However her attitude as a female kick-ass protagonist somehow makes this acceptable, especially when she’s delivering her clichéd one-liners. The voice acting is professional and cheesy, sound effects are perfect and the soundtrack has this great J-pop feel to it that goes hand-in-hand with the gameplay.

Final Thoughts?

Even after all these years, Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo 2 is still a very fun experience with a great gaming engine, exceptional graphics and a female protagonist that will make you laugh and also give you a healthy dose of controller rage. Best of all, Bayonetta 2 adds to the franchise with more crazy gameplay and a ridiculous story but more importantly, a decent Nintendo Switch experience.

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