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Ballistix improves gaming CPU and GPU performance

SYDNEY, 24 November 2016 – For more than a decade, Ballistix has injected speed and style into PC gaming in a way that can’t be imitated. As the only major brand of gaming memory that builds and tests products from start to finish, Ballistix has brought the market new, proven performance and reliability that pro gamers build with.

Crucial DRAM Sr. Product Marketing Manager Jeremy Mortenson explained, “The CPU, GPU and RAM all work together to create the visuals in your game. The more resources that each of them have, the better the graphics. Those resources can be expensive, but a memory upgrade gives you plenty of RAM to feed your rig without draining your gaming budget.”
So with this in mind Ballistix has now highlighted the top four ways gamers instantly benefit from more RAM.
Firstly, the company says, you get sharper graphics. Integrated graphics are almost fully dependent on memory to produce the visuals you see, and graphics cards feast on RAM. With 8GB of Ballistix Sport gaming memory at an absolute minimum (although the company recommends 16GB), your system is able to keep pumping the pixels and hit higher frame rates. You’ll notice the difference.
Secondly more seamless gameplay. Memory is what supports the game world you navigate. The more memory you have, the more of your game’s world your system is able to process and load in real time, which is how you get a seamless experience.
Thirdly it’s all about making things fast and easy to install. Adding Ballistix Sport memory, for example, takes about as much time as setting up a Steam® account – literally a matter of minutes. Open your rig. Slam the modules in. Close your case. Done.
Finally it’s about choosing the most affordable type of gaming upgrade. Adding the right memory is the most cost-effective type of gaming upgrade you can do. It’s less expensive than a gaming headset, keyboard, or mouse and it’s only about 10% the cost of a high-end graphics card.*
Mortenson continued, “When you’re checking out a game’s minimum and recommended requirements, it’s common to focus more on the minimum RAM your system needs to run a game. That will get you into the game, but when the visuals are choppy, you’ll want more than the minimum in your system. Give your system the resources it needs to be pumping pixels with more memory, which is also the way to improve your system without breaking the bank.” 
As games grow in complexity and memory requirements increase, pack your system with the best and right amount of memory to play games the way they’re meant to be played – vivid and seamless. Even for the most inexpensive desktop or laptop with minimal components, a RAM upgrade often costs less than you think and can instantly transform a hollow machine into a beast capable of helping you climb the leaderboards.
Mortenson added, “Integrated graphics are becoming more common as more gamers use laptops. In these setups, your visuals rely on system memory. Maxing out the speed and amount of RAM in a gaming laptop using integrated graphics gives you the highest amount of frame rates for your game.”
Every detail of Ballistix design, testing, and performance is scrutinised because hardcore gaming is about taking advantage of every performance nuance. It starts with aggressive, militaristic heat spreaders and bleeds into the specs. The right RAM will be faster and have lower latencies than regular PC hardware so you can strike first and game in real time, not lag time.
For more than 10 years, Ballistix has screened and tested silicon, wafers, and die in Micron fabs before they ever become components and the company knows that surreal gaming performance centres on a gamer’s rig’s processor and motherboard, followed by their graphics, memory, storage, monitor and other peripherals. The role of each is critical, but without enough RAM, you’re unable to feed each component with the resources it needs to keep your game lethal. Since nearly everything you experience in-game flows through RAM, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to instantly up your game.
Jeremy Mortenson concluded, “First-person shooters are heavily dependent on visuals – you need smooth graphics to lock your crosshairs on an enemy – and graphics are getting more detailed across all genres. Visuals have a direct effect on the enjoyment of these games. Keep rolling through the frame rates by giving your CPU and GPU all the gigabytes of RAM they can take.”

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