Published on December 30th, 2022 | by Adrian Gunning


Dark Horse Books and Brian Michael Bendis’ Jinxworld present a new edition of Fortune and Glory Volume 1, updated with new cover art and plenty of bonus materials.

Before co-creating Miles Morales, Wakanda Forever’s Ironheart and the Peabody award winning Jessica Jones, before the triumphant successes with Secret Invasion, Daredevil, Superman, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Invincible Iron Man,… before the groundbreaking original series Powers, Scarlet, Cover, and The Ones…

Before all these, Brian Michael Bendis was a hungry young cartoonist about to take his first step into the shark-filled swimming pool that is the American motion picture industry. The harsh lessons that he learned along the way–and the unforgettable people that he met–are set down for the ages in Fortune and Glory, his hilarious autobiographical account of Hollywood development hell.

Written and illustrated by Brian Michael Bendis, with colors by Matthew Wilson (X-Men), this new edition of Fortune and Glory collects the three-issue miniseries and includes an introduction by Paul Dini, a gallery of promotional art, and interviews from Bendis’ archives.

Fortune and Glory Volume 1 TPB will be available in comic shops April 5, 2023 and in bookstores April 18, 2023. It is now available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local comic shop and bookstore.

A new volume of Fortune and Glory also begins this January on Brian Michael Bendis’ Substack, Jinxworld!

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Praise for Brian Michael Bendis:

“Bendis’ early comics are some of the most unique and vibrant comics you’ll ever read, and this [Fortune and Glory] is no exception. The storytelling is fresh, the writing electric, and you just may find yourself laughing out loud more than once.” –Comics Bookcase

“And re-reading it now, wow, Jinx A. holds up really well and B. was such a breath of fresh air at the time.” –Comic Book Resources

“Bendis’ easy read, well thought out story, along with clean amazing artwork from Edgar and colors from Diaz gives you a complete first issue and leaves you excited for the future of the series [The Ones].” –Capes & Tights

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