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Paul Stuart A gamer for over 30 years, Paul Stuart has an unhealthy obsession with Assassins Creed, God of War, also sport and virtual reality titles. In his spare time, he teaches Muay Thai kickboxing, runs, and drives his toddler crazy.

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EA FC 24: PS5 Review

September 29th, 2023 | by Paul Stuart

If you own already FIFA 23 for the PS5, there’s not much to draw you into EA FC 24, especially ...

NBA 2K24 PS5 Review

September 18th, 2023 | by Paul Stuart

While NBA 2K23 got a solid nod last season in finally feeling next-gen, expectations – like for Madden 24 – ...

Madden 24 PS5 Review

August 24th, 2023 | by Paul Stuart

O.K., sport game publishers: let’s give up the ghost and go subscription model. If we’re being completely honest with each ...

WWE 2K23 PS5 Review

March 25th, 2023 | by Paul Stuart

It’s near impossible approach a review of WWE 2K23 in a similar fashion to its predecessor, as WWE 2K22 followed ...

Bayonetta 3: Switch Review

November 6th, 2022 | by Paul Stuart

In the rarest of instances, a game is released that is truly an interactive experience. Legend of Zelda comes to ...

NHL 23: PS5 Review

October 27th, 2022 | by Paul Stuart

After last year’s stellar NHL 22, expectations were high for next gen NHL 23. Even more so, as NHL 22 ...

Gotham Knights: PS5 Review

October 21st, 2022 | by Paul Stuart

What happens when Arkham Knights and Spiderman create a baby? You pretty much get Gotham Knights for the PS5. Which ...

FIFA 23: PS5 Review

October 6th, 2022 | by Paul Stuart

With FIFA 23 the swan song for EA’s relationship with the license, it’s sad it at the 11th hour that ...

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