Published on April 29th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning

Australia’s Gaming, Creator, and Pop Culture Communities Gather For Biggest DreamHack Melbourne To Date

Last weekend, global gaming lifestyle festival DreamHack returned to Melbourne for its third consecutive year. A massive response from fans resulted in a record number of 35,513 attendees through the doors over the three-day festival, up from 25,851 in 2023.

Attendees flocked to DreamHack to experience a weekend full of modern gaming & pop culture content, including Australia’s first-ever hololive production concert, live stage appearances from popular podcast groups Trash Taste and Cold Ones, and world-class esports tournaments in Counter-Strike 2 & League of Legends. Elsewhere around the festival, a massive Artist Alley saw over 100 local artists showcasing their creative talent to attendees, while a record number of over 600 content creators took part in creator-focused activities including DreamHack’s first-ever Creator Summit on Friday, April 26.

A massive range of other activities took place over the Melbourne Park precinct, with Live-Action Role Play (LARP), Speedrunning, Warhammer, and Cosplay communities all featured throughout the festival. The DreamHack Expo in Rod Laver Arena showcased the latest & greatest in tech, lifestyle & gaming, with booths from brands including Kick, Intel, and Monster Energy all welcoming fans over the weekend.

“DreamHack Melbourne 2024 was an overwhelming success, and it was incredible to see so many communities from around Australia & the region coming together and sharing in an amazing weekend,” said Ben Green, Senior Product Manager, DreamHack, at ESL FACEIT Group. “A particular highlight from this year was the hololive community, who flocked to DreamHack to support hololive’s first-ever live concert in the southern hemisphere, elevating it to something truly special. The festival was an incredible success and we want to thank every community member, creator, and fan who spent their weekend with us.”


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DreamHack Melbourne 2024 Extreme Cosplay Gathering qualifier results:

  1. Team Bananas: Vamprea and Vye
  2. Tumby Cat
  3. Nix Cosplay

DreamHack Melbourne 2024 esports results:
Counter-Strike: 2 (ESL Challenger)

  1. MIBR – [$50,000 USD]
  2. Aurora Gaming – [$20,000 USD]
  3. Apeks – [$10,000 USD]
  4. Rebels Gaming – [$10,000 USD]

League of Legends (League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LCO) Finals)

  1. Ground Zero
  2. Antic Esports

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