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Aussie SAS infiltrates Dirty Bomb’s merc roster

A new Merc has entered the fray in Dirty Bomb; the reconnaissance and battlefield controller Redeye, a perfect foil to the invisible Phantom.

The dossier on Redeye’s lengthy service in the Australian SAS is a thick one. Time after time he earned field promotions for outstanding bravery, until being busted back down to Trooper for insubordination, or refusal to follow orders, or both. By the time of his discharge for “knowing too much about everyone in the regiment”, he had an average rank of corporal, but no pension. Now that he’s taken to the private sector he’s his own boss for a change. Too bad his sole employee is a total buffoon who hates his waste-of-space boss.

Redeye is a mid to long-range specialist, with team-playing abilities that can seriously hinder the enemy’s ability to attack and defend, and make his own team more efficient in battle as well.

  • Smoke Grenade

Redeye’s Smoke Grenade is the pinnacle of non-lethal battlefield control, pure elegance in simplicity. When thrown, it creates a large cloud of smoke, completely blocking vision in the area. While anyone can walk through it, they’ll have no idea what violent end awaits them on the other side.

While the cloud of smoke will slowly dissipate over time, there’s another way to get rid of it beyond waiting patiently. Explosive damage in the area of the smoke cloud will disperse it, clearing the way and restoring the sight lines on your terms. And you’ll want to take care of it quickly, because there’s only one way to see through the smoke…

  • IR Goggles

By activating his IR Goggles, Redeye can see the world based on the heat given off by objects Mercs, lighting them up easily against their surroundings. Better yet, any enemies near the center of Redeye’s vision will be Spotted, including invisible Phantoms. Spotted Mercs will have their location displayed on the HUD of all of Redeye’s allies, just like if they were seen by Vassili’s Heartbeat Sensor, making them easy pickings for your team.

What makes this ability truly lethal is that, while normal sight is completely blocked by a Smoke Grenade’s cloud, Redeye’s IR Goggles work just fine. This allows Redeye to peer through the cloud, spotting anyone standing out in the open and letting all of his allies know exactly where they need to shoot.

  • New Primary Weapon: Grandeur SR

The Grandeur SR is Redeye’s default rifle, and fits in right between the Dreiss AR and PDP-70, featuring stopping power and range that rivals the PDP-70, but with a strong rate of fire and effectiveness when fired from the hip that lets it compete with the Dreiss AR at the same time. For the moment, the Grandeur SR is only on Loadout Cards for Redeye, including his default loadout card.

  • New Melee Weapon: Kukri

Dirty Bomb’s third knife, with a wicked edge designed to carve chunks out of the enemy. The primary attack is particularly devastating, the quick slice more than able to bring down many Mercs in only two swings. Currently Redeye is the only Merc with this new knife, his default Loadout Card having it to boot.

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