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Aurora R7 Powers Gfinity Elite Series Australia with 8th Generation Intel Processors for Maximum Performance

With the latest 8th generation Intel processors, the Alienware Aurora R7 will take centre stage during the Gfinity Elite Series Australia this May. Professional teams, including Sydney Chiefs and Melbourne Avant will battle it out for the AU$450,000 prize pool, playing Australia’s iconic Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Street Fighter V on the Alienware Aurora R7 which features a meticulous, zero-fat design and is engineered with optional liquid cooling.

The Alienware 17″ notebook and the powerful Alienware Aurora R7, accompanied with the Alienware 25″ Gaming Monitor will be the hardware used to deliver maximum performance for competitors during the tournament’s intense matches.

“Alienware has partnered with Gfinity Esports Australia to push the limits of Australian esports and enable gamers in the ANZ region to play on a professional level, said Ben Jackson, Dell ANZ General Manager for Consumer and Small Business. “We understand that our players need cutting edge innovation and technical power to perform at the highest level. Our hardware provides an unrivalled gaming experience and allows Australia’s best players to really showcase their world-class talent as they compete for their city.”

”The Gfinity Elite Series Australia is a fast-paced, competitive platform which requires refined dexterity and skill. We couldn’t think of a better partner who understands gamers and shares the same vision in elevating the standards of esports in Australia”, added Dominic Remond, Gfinity Esports Australia, CEO.

The Alienware Aurora R7 features a 6-Core/12-Thread Intel Core i7-8700 processor that can reach up to 4.6GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology. Coupled with an NVIDIA ® GeForce GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5X video card, and 16GB of Dual Channel DDR4 memory, Australia’s best esports players will have the power to demonstrate their full potential.

Just like the professional teams, the Alienware Aurora R7 stays cool under pressure. The internal thermal ergonomics maximise airflow intake and exhaust to keep the Aurora running at optimal temperatures.

The Alienware 25″ Gaming Monitor will be used to keep up with the quick reflexes exhibited from elite competitive play. The AMD FreeSync™ technology synchronises the powerful Aurora GPU with the Alienware 25″ Gaming Monitor, displaying full frames only when the monitor is capable of displaying them. This minimises graphic distortions such as tearing and allows gamers to experience silky smooth native refresh rates up to 240Hz.

The monitor’s 1ms response time will lead to undisrupted responsive gameplay as players search for that killer headshot, game winning goal or knockout combo.

The Alienware 25″ Gaming Monitor can accommodate any viewing positions the pro players prefer. Players can tilt, pivot, swivel and adjust the height of the monitors so they are in just the right position to play at their best.

“Alienware’s commitment to the best gaming hardware extends to the monitors gamers are using. The smooth and responsive Alienware 25″ Gaming Monitor means players can utilise the power of the Alienware Aurora without restraints,” said Ben Jackson.

Tournament commentators will be using Alienware’s most powerful 17-inch gaming laptop which is designed for VR with NVIDIA GeForce TX 10-Series graphics and Tobii Aware software, taking gamers deeper into the game.

You can get up close with the full range of Alienware hardware live in action at the Gfinity Elite Series Australia at the Gfinity Arena located at Moore Park on May, 2018.

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