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Audeze, the world’s leading manufacturer of planar magnetic headphones, has recently launched Mobius, the first premium high-end, fully immersive 3D cinematic audio and head tracking-enabled headphone designed specifically for gamers. 

Conceived under the steadfast belief that audio quality should never be compromised for the sake of utility, Mobius will be the first headphone to provide the unsurpassed level of detail, clarity and positional accuracy afforded by planar magnetic drivers in a feature-rich package oriented specifically around the needs of both professional and casual gamers.

George Poutakidis, BusiSoft AV Director says, “Mobius provides an unparalleled gaming experience – the reviews internationally speak for themselves.”

Mobius features full 3D emulation with support for surround sound modes along with a fully integrated 3D head-tracking system that interfaces seamlessly with today’s most popular video games. Coupled with state-of-the-art room emulation technology and anatomy calibration, Mobius is truly optimised for the way the brain processes sound, in a manner consistent with real-world listening. This means that users will be able to hear a gaming opponent sneaking up behind them as clearly as though they were in the room.

The headphones’ advanced technology and lightweight ergonomic design delivers comfortable, long-term use and reduced listening fatigue. This comfort is enhanced by the inclusion of fully replaceable, contoured memory foam ear pads and an adjustable, durable, memory foam padded headband.

Mobius also comes with a flexible and detachable boom microphone with built-in noise attenuation, mute/unmute functionality and independent microphone volume control in order to provide crystal-clear voice quality. This allows users to dictate team strategy without having to worry about the details getting lost in translation.

Mobius is not just the world’s most innovative gaming headphone, it is a truly immersive, mixed media platform.  With fully-integrated surround sound functionality, users can immerse themselves into their favourite movies to a degree that will rival even the experience of being inside a theatre.

Mobius by Audeze is available in three finishes and exclusively through JB Hi-Fi online and Addicted To Audio in Australia (AUD $599) and Mighty Ape in New Zealand (NZD $699).

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