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In the official “Comic-Con Cinematic,” the fight against Sandrakk continues. Jak (Darren Barnet) returns with the Binding Stone, a powerful artifact he was meant to destroy, not keep. He believes he made the right choice, now he’ll have to convince Kirkan (Gina Torres), the leader of the Immortals.

In the “Everwar Cinematic,” Kirkan has just discovered Jak after he unexpectedly manifests his magic. Because he’s only lived in the slums of one city his whole life, he knows very little about the world around him or how magic works. This is the moment Jak, and you as the player, first learn about the magical and unique world of Aveum and get a glimpse into its history.

In the “Meeting Zendara Cinematic,” Devyn introduces Jak to the fearless Zendara, and she immediately makes her dislike for Jak crystal clear. Here we get to see the first time our characters’ big personalities interact and clash with each other as they begin their journey together to stop Sandrakk and end the Everwar.

For those that couldn’t attend the Comic-Con panel in person, Ascendant has also released a special episode of its podcast, “Imagining an Unconventional Fantasy World in Immortals of Aveum.” In it, Bret Robbins, game director and CEO of Ascendant Studios, tells how he and lead writer, Michael Kirkbride, envisioned the world and narrative of Immortals of Aveum. Bret shares insights into character development, the history of the Everwar, why they chose to ground the fantasy world of Aveum in modern dialogue, and the importance of balancing a serious tone with humor in storytelling.

For full details, watch “Imagining Immortals of Aveum,” here.

Lastly, don’t miss an in-depth Q&A with lead writer Michael Kirkbride about building the deep lore and story that is the backbone of Immortals of Aveum.

A nearly three decade industry veteran known for his works building iconic AAA narratives, ranging from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion, to The Walking Dead and Batman: Enemy Within at Telltale games, Michael joined up with Ascendant Studios very early on to shape the world of Aveum, its characters, kingdoms and dialogue to bring its narrative foundation to life.

For full details, read “Writing Aveum: A Discussion with Michael Kirkbride,” here.

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