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ARKS PROXIMAN: We do not leave our world in spaceships. We leave in bacteria.

Then do to her planet, Earth, what she did to theirs. Destroy it…

Announcing ARKS PROXIMAN #1 from Clicky Sprout Wife, now live on Kickstarter, written by tenured film storyboard and concept artist Rory Collins (Children of Men, Bourne Ultimatum, Never Let Me Go) and award-winning writer and director, Natalie Malla, with art and colors by Erich Owen (Batman, Teen Titans Go); letters by Jeremiah Lambert (Monocul). This all-new installment of the celebrated ARKS sci-fi series explores the first exonatal human coming face to face with a demon; a girl from Earth.

Odd Bluford’s parents have discovered a signal on the network. A beam of light that contains a single packet of information. Instructions to boot a female Ark from Earth.

Odd is not sure why his mom and dad have made it his job to talk to this girl. His dad says that he’s the perfect representative as he is the Proximan; the first naturally conceived human on their new planet. But his mum wants to kill the female Ark because she thinks she might have cyphered chromosomes… whatever that means.

Anyway Odd has to figure this out before his mother recycles her, the thing growing out of the girl’s eyes kills her, or he accidentally touches her. Because uh yeah… everything Odd touches dies. Yeah, tricky!

“I grew up on nasty, 80s science fiction and there isn’t a lot of it around now,” said Rory Collins. “ARKS PROXIMAN is inspired by that era of movies (Aliens, Terminator) where the protagonist comes face to face with true, nihilistic evil. Myself, Natalie and Erich are telling a story that has never been told before, and they are phenomenal co-creators. I had the incredible good fortune of knowing them before they are megastars. Without them, this story might not have been told for another decade. They are both literal time machines to the future.”

ARKS PROXIMAN is a story of survival; of not just a single family, but a whole species,” said Natalie Malla. “I would never attempt to write science fiction again without a clear and inspired creative vision like Rory’s firmly at the helm. It was the endless possibility and scope, inspired by this fact that got me hooked into the ARKS comic book universe. It will entertain you with the brutality and terrifying reality of building new worlds on a planet that doesn’t want you. Show you how it could be done, and question whether it should be.”

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