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Studio Wildcard Re-Confirms No Server Wipe at Full Launch August 8; Adds Infrastructure to Prevent Future Hacking 

Sydney, Australia – July 20, 2017ARK: Survival Evolved is on the cusp of leaving its Early Access development and will hit full 1.0 release on August 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One! In anticipation of this milestone, developer Studio Wildcard is sharing some key news regarding servers and the upcoming Ragnarok content! First, Studio Wildcard reconfirmed its commitment to no server wipe – despite a recent rash of cheating and hacking within the game. In addition to continuing to operate the legacy servers, on launch date the studio will roll out a fresh cluster network of servers running new code and infrastructure explicitly designed to prevent such issues from occurring in the future.

Second, the third official mod for ARK, ‘Ragnarok’, will roll out to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players on launch day. This massive map is free to download for all players, featuring a Griffon and a beautiful new environment. PC players can expect Ragnarok to receive a large update this week with new areas to explore and a whole bunch of bug fixes and QOL changes.

Lastly, on launch day Wildcard will have support for private rentable dedicated servers made available via hosting company Nitrado for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players! These servers will be available at a very low price, to make them available to as many ARK denizens as possible.

These rentable servers will feature –

  • No need for a second console to host personal servers!
  • Complete access to all of ARKs custom server config settings, which will let players change the rules on their custom ARKs
  • The option to create cross ARK Clusters for the ultimate ARK Experience — allowing travel across four Maps
  • Create a backup of server save files, allowing players to try something new without the fear of losing data
  • The servers will result in higher performance due to better optimisation
  • Player servers will now be able to support a larger pool of players, up to 100!

Ragnarok, a community created mod, contains:

  • A 144 sq kilometer map designed to be explored by land, sea or air
  • Tons of harvest-able or gatherable resources
  • Caves of all shapes and sizes, each designed to be built in
  • Distinct variations on former ARK creatures, as well a special brand-new creature unique to Ragnarok
  • Build tree platforms on unique trees/rocks
  • Expansive biomes that were built to reward hardy explorers
  • Some of the most challenging dungeons in ARK will await players
  • An active volcano that while erupting yields a high amount of resources in the form of lava crystal
  • Beautiful vistas and base locations as far as the eye can see
  • Hot springs that while dormant yield a relaxing buff, but when active, become dangerous
  • Ruins to not only explore but that can also be incorporated into base builds
  • A vast ocean with its own ecosystem
  • Upcoming future desert biome to find and tame creatures
  • Upcoming Explorer Notes that hold the key to Ragnarok’s secrets and history

ARK: Survival Evolved is currently available for retail pre-order, Australian customers should visit EB Games in Australia or JB Hi-FI to place a pre-order. Details on each edition of the game are below.

ARK: Survival Evolved Physical Disc Release Details
In Australia there are three ways to get your dino-fix with ARK: Survival Evolved, all of which are now available to pre-order for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

ARK: Survival Evolved ($99.95 AUD)

This base game includes everything a burgeoning Jurassic adventurer needs to get started in the world of ARK. It’s the core game, and all free content released up to this point, offering up hundreds of hours of gameplay to players. 

ARK: Survival Evolved – Explorer’s Edition ($169.95 AUD)

The Explorer’s Edition takes the base game, and adds even MORE – introducing a Season Pass that will grant access to all expansion packs, starting with Scorched Earth (available now) and including more packs launching later this year and into 2018.   

ARK: Survival Evolved – Limited Collector’s Edition ($269.95 AUD)

Only at EB Games Australia will ARK fans be able to pre-order the “ARK: Survival Evolved Limited Collector’s Edition” for $269.95 AUD. The ultimate ARK fan’s dream, the Limited Collector’s Edition is a collectible faux-wooden chest box that contains the ARK Explorer’s Edition (base game + Season Pass) along with…

  • A handcrafted leather-bound Explorer’s Notebook, featuring the Dossiers of every in-game creature
  • An official ARK necklace
  • A cloth map of the ARK island
  • A poster of the Studio Wildcard development team
  • The official ARK: Survival Evolved soundtrack, recorded live by the Philharmonia Orchestra

Feel like riding a dinosaur? Join the ARK growing band of survivors in the community forums HERE:

ARK: Survival Evolved will launch worldwide in retail stores and on digital platforms on August 8, 2017, for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam PC. ARK: Survival Evolved is rated “MA 15+ ” for Strong themes and violence, online interactivity by the Australian Classification Board.

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