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AOC G2460PG Next-Generation Gaming Monitor

SYDNEY, Australia – 28 July 2014 – Global LED monitor manufacturer AOC (“Art of Colors”) proudly announces the launch of the AOC G2460PG, the next generation of gaming monitor with powerful NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, 144Hz ultra-smooth refresh rate and super-fast 1ms screen response time for seamless,top quality motion picture performance. This monitor integrates the latest enhancements to give gamers a competitive edge.

Professional gaming performance with NVIDIA G-SYNC

The main highlight of the AOC G2460PG is its powerful performance. Ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate (typical monitors offer just 60Hz) and 1ms screen response ensures reduced motion blur to deliver crisper, clearer movement during fast-paced gaming. Even at higher refresh rates, the PC graphics (GPU) signal can be out of sync with the monitor display engine, resulting in image tearing and stuttering. The AOC G2460PG takes quality one step further by incorporating NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, effectively synchronising the GPU frame rate with the monitor’s display refresh cycle.This results in even smoother motion, lower latency and a noticeably better overall gaming experience, with demonstrably superior performance where rapid reactions matter.

Enhanced gaming features

NVIDIA ULMB technology eliminates virtually all motion blur, enabling users to make better crucial micro decisions based on crisp image detail. Dial point Gaming Helper gives users a choice of 6 hot key-selectable cross hair pointers, for more accurate and precise aiming when playing FPS shooters. Furthermore, compatibility with the NVIDIA 3D Vision kit means the AOC G2460PG is ready for the latest 3D entertainment.

Designed for the future

The AOC G2460PG is designed to be convenient and comfortable. The ergonomic stand allows users to adjust monitor height, tilt, swivel and pivot according to their preferences and needs. The AOC G2460PG also contains a USB hub that features two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, with fast charging supported by up to 1.5A current. Overall, the AOC G2460PG is a first-class monitor for casual gamers, and an essential consideration for professional gamers that want to maximise performance.

Pricing and Availability

Manufacturer: AOC
Suggested Retail Prices:

Model Screen Size SRP
G2460PG 24” AU$549

Australia Distributors: Altech Computers, Compucon Computers, Leader Computers Availability: Now

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