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Published on October 24th, 2019 | by Belinda Morris

Angelo & Deemon: One Hell of a Quest Review

Angelo & Deemon: One Hell of a Quest Review Belinda Morris

Summary: Sarcastically humorous point-and-click adventure making death and hell interesting to play.


Cheeky dark humour

The new point and click adventure game from Specialbit Studio (known for The Last Dream point-and-click adventure), Angelo & Deemon: One Hell of a Quest is certainly interesting and makes you smile (if not laugh out loud).  At a cost of AUD23.95 you can definitely get your money’s worth since there are a good few hours of game entertainment, even if racing through the storyline.  There are plenty of puzzles to solve to get your grey matter functioning but with the cheeky lines regularly delivered, it does not really feel like hard work.

The game opens with you briefly playing as Death, however, this is not for long – you will soon become Angelo who is your main character of gameplay.  Death is about to do his final reap of the day and is standing outside an apartment building.  Once you work out how to enter the building, you head upstairs to apartment 6.  However, inside apartment 9 is a blogger, Angelo, who has just been trying to upload a new video but due to the storm outside and an impending power flicker, the file is corrupted and in frustration, Angelo throws his now empty coffee mug at the door.  This powerful throw means that the 9 on the front of the door becomes a 6 after a nail comes loose and so seals Angelo’s fate that Death comes knocking.  Thus begins the humour that is Angelo & Deemon – one of your first puzzles as Angelo is that Death’s phone battery died and you need to charge it for him.  Eventually you manage to make a deal with Death and your journey to Hell begins.

You make your way to, what I assume is, Purgatory (not stated definitively) which is where you finally meet your companion in this escapade, Deemon, a wannabe rapper who is really a flying demon-imp.  There are plenty of puzzles to solve along the way before and after finally making it to Hell before you finally solve the final puzzle and are able to return to Purgatory and then take the rail to Heaven.  As is so often the case, this is left as a cliff-hanger and makes you wonder whether they will be returning for a sequel in the future.

The puzzles are not particularly hard for the most part with just a few more complicated ones scattered along the storyline to keep you guessing.  But there is always the hint function to help you along the way if you get stuck.  To a certain extent, there is very little storyline to follow – you seem to just be following a set path of story mode with no real exploration and not entirely sure why you are doing some of the tasks.  As to why exactly you are traipsing through hell is never full disclosed other than the loose story that our fearless blogger wants to record a travel vlog to upload and increase his subscriber numbers.

The voice acting is strong, and you can tell they have spent some time in getting the tones and sarcasm just right to make you smile as you play although even this sometimes falls flat and just feels like they were trying too hard or possibly recording in a disjointed manner.  The graphics are highly effective and extremely well done in toning down the serious topic of death and Heaven and Hell and is far more fitting with the humour that is so prevalent in this game.  The graphics are mostly like this game’s strongest feature.

Overall this game was good fun and quite light-hearted to play whenever you need to get away from the stresses of life.

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