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ANGELIC #2 REVIEW Dana Folkard

Summary: Qora and her companion venture forth into the ruins to search for an ancient relic.


Fun and engaging!

The adventure begins!

Qora is asked to do the unthinkable and venture forth into the ruins to help the Mans search for a long lost relic. With the whiff of an exciting quest in the air, this just might be an offer Qora can’t refuse. Will Qora step up and be the hero this world desperately needs, healing the rift between two warring tribes?

Angelic #2 begins with Qora face-to-face with the arch-nemesis of the flying monkey tribe: the digi aquatic mammals who call themselves the Mans. They come to her seeking help, as their god, Ay, is malfunctioning after a piece of its tech was lost many years ago. If fixed, Ay possesses the ability to clear the world of the toxic clouds that pollute it, and once cleared there will be enough food and space for all the tribes to enjoy and live in peace together. The Mans are looking for someone to help with this task who is smart, brave and curious, believing that Qora is the answer. Naturally guarded and reluctant to help the Mans, Qora refuses and argues with them, however, after a spectacular demonstration and the mention of an adventure in the tox cloud, Qora accepts their offer. The only catch is that she must take a Mans companion along with her. Enter, the Complainer: an intelligent, cynical and rebellious individual. Leaving behind the confines of their two tribes, this pioneering duo ventures forth into the ruins and the tox to hopefully find the key to saving their world.

I’m so utterly in love with little Qora and her inquisitive and free spirit. Simon Spurrier has created the perfect blend of a feisty, angsty teen with a brave heart and curious nature. There is a real innocence within her as she looks at her world with a sense of wonder and awe, willingly diving into the ruins and toxic cloud, regardless of the dangers that hide within. I also enjoyed the entertaining introduction of the Complainer. This little weirdo is a bit different from the other Mans, and with his sharp and sarcastic disposition, will no doubt prove to be an ever-entertaining companion for Qora. Already their banter and energy works really well, and I enjoy the dynamic that their relationship brings to the story. These two are both outsiders, questioning society and seeking a sense of social autonomy, which they may find from venturing on this dangerous quest. I also have the feeling, however, that Qora and the Complainer are leaving in the wake of a war, with the tensions between their tribes coming to a head. Whilst their friendship might grow and blossom from this adventure, it might have the opposite effect back home, causing a greater rift between the Mans and the monkey’s.

The art, by Caspar Wijngaard is stunning and vibrant. I love the diversity that we see with a wide variety of cybernetic animals and beautiful sprawling landscapes on show. Each of the characters possess their own little eccentricities, with Wijngaard creating convincing emotions personality through their animated expressions. Once inside the ruins,the tone quickly changes to an ominous one, as Qora and the Complainer are surrounded by the toxic and polluted landscape. They are both dwarfed by the towering building, looking small and lost amongst the ruins. The colours are beautiful, ranging from a palette of warm pinks and purples, to cooler blues and greens. As the story progresses, the palette grows darker, reflecting the serious turn that the narrative takes, as they embark on their adventure and head into the toxic cloud. I also love how a lot of the light in this story comes from the neon glow of the cybernetic animals, with hot pink lasers and green screens featuring prominently.

Angelic #2 is an exciting chapter in Qora’s tale, as we see her embark on a thrilling adventure with her new companion. Caspar Wijngaard’s art is visually epic and beautiful, capturing the whimsical and curious nature of Qora perfectly. I find this to be an easy comic to immerse myself in, with a well-rounded story and lore to match.

I’m giving this issue 4.5 out of 5 stars!

CREATIVE TEAM: Simon Spurrier, Caspar Wijngaard, Jim Campbell and Emma Price
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PUBLICATION DATE: October 25, 2017
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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