Published on July 9th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning

Amazon Launches All-New Echo Spot

Amazon introduced the all-new Echo Spot, the latest addition to its lineup of Alexa-enabled devices. Echo Spot is a sleek new customisable smart alarm clock, featuring a variety of custom-designed clock faces and fun colours. It’s built for the nightstand, with a display that makes it easy to set and view alarms, see the time, weather, or song titles at a glance, and a directional speaker that delivers vibrant sound. Echo Spot is available now in Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue for $149 AUD.

“Customers care about the way they wake up in the morning and go to bed at night and the all-new Echo Spot will transform the way they start and end their day,” said Patrick Walker, country manager, Amazon Devices Australia and New Zealand. “Thanks to customisable clock faces, personalised designs, new alarm sounds and colourful visual animations, Echo Spot is the best smart alarm clock designed for any bedside table.”

Interactive and Personalised Display

Customers love asking Alexa for information—in fact, Alexa answers multiple requests every millisecond, with customers asking Alexa for the weather, to set a reminder or to set an alarm tens of millions of times every day. Echo Spot comes with a variety of custom-designed clock faces, new visual animations, and fun colours that makes it easy to see the responses to these requests at a glance.

Simply ask Alexa to set alarms on Echo Spot, by saying things like “Alexa, set a weekday alarm for 7am with soft jazz.” Or, wake up to one of four new alarm sounds exclusive to Echo Spot—Aurora, Daybreak, Endeavor, and Flutter. And, if you want a bit more sleep when your alarm goes off, just tap Echo Spot to snooze.  You can also ask Alexa for the weather to see the temperature, along with an illustration—like a sun, rain cloud, or snowflake—appear on the screen.

Echo Spot’s display can be customised to fit the aesthetic of your bedroom. Choose from six different colourways—orange, violet, magenta, lime, teal, and blue—or mix and match colours with a variety of clock faces.

The new, colourful visual display also shows song titles when music plays. To skip songs, simply ask Alexa, or quickly tap the display. There are also buttons on the top of the all-new Echo Spot to quickly change the volume—or you can ask Alexa to adjust the sound up or down.

Vibrant Sound

Enjoy vibrant sound with the all-new Echo Spot, which includes a 1.73″ front-firing directional speaker delivering clear vocals and deep bass. Just ask Alexa to play music, podcasts and audiobooks from your favourite providers like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Audible, and more.

Take Control of Your Smart Home

Connect Echo Spot to compatible smart home products and set up Alexa Routines to help automate daily tasks. For example, set up a routine that gently wakes you with music and gradual light from compatible smart lights. Or, set an evening routine that dims your smart lights, lowers the thermostat and plays music.

Connect with Family and Friends

Ask Alexa to place audio calls to loved ones on other Alexa-enabled devices, make household announcements, audibly Drop In on other Alexa-enabled devices in your household, or get alerts and audio from your compatible smart doorbell.

Built with Privacy in Mind
As with all of our devices, Echo Spot is built with multiple layers of privacy controls, including a microphone on/off button and the ability to view and delete voice recordings. To learn more about the features that provide transparency and control with Alexa, visit the Alexa Privacy Hub at http://www.amazon.com.au/alexaprivacy.

Pricing and Availability 

The all-new Echo Spot is available now for $149 AUD at amazon.com.au/echospot, JB HI-FI, and in leading Australian retailers. It is available in Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue.

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