Published on March 23rd, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Alpha Dog Games’ Mighty DOOM available today on iOS and Android

Alpha Dog Games’ and Bethesda Softworks’ top-down, single-touch shooter, is free to download today on iOS and Android. Players can join the 1 million pre-registered players to jump into the adorably violent, fast-paced adventure, starring the all-new Mini Slayer, right now.

Check out the global launch trailer here:

From today through to April 20, 2023, players that download and play Mighty DOOM will receive the Mini Slayer’s pack, which includes exclusive weapon skins, equipment keys and Crystals.

Full Contents of the Mini Slayer’s Pack:

  • Baron of Hell Heavy Cannon Weapon Skin
  • Cacodemon Rocket Launcher Weapon Skin
  • Three Equipment Keys
  • One Weapon Key
  • 80 Crystals

Run & Gun Action – Featuring a one-touch control scheme, battle through hordes of familiar DOOM demons, from one-eyed floating Cacodemons to the brutish Cyber Mancubus. Dodge attacks, dispatch foes with over-the-top Glory Kills and square off with deadly bosses such as the DOOM Hunter in fast-paced arena combat that’s easy to learn and fun to master.

Rip and Tear Through Your Favorite Collectibles – Mighty DOOM stars the Mini Slayer – a charming plastic collectible brought to life by a surge of Argent energy. Unfortunately, collectibles of Hell’s nastiest demons spoiled the party and ran off with the Mini Slayer’s pet rabbit, Daisy.

Upgrade your Flesh and Metal in this Rogue-Lite Arena – If players fall in battle with Hell’s demons, they can rise again and continue the fight by levelling up the Mini Slayer, armor, weapons and gear by obtaining new resources and skills that are earned just through playing.

Slayers Club Members – Bonus Reward – From today, Slayers Club Members will also receive an exclusive skin for the Mini Slayer in Mighty DOOM following a one-time connection with their accounts at launch.

Animated DOOM Universe – Experience the Mini Slayer’s journey in the original ‘animated DOOM universe,’ an alternate reality of the DOOM universe inspired by DOOM Eternal’s collectible toys.

Learn more about Mighty DOOM at

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