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Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review (2024)

Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review (2024) James Wright

Summary: The Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse provides light speed gaming for both wireless and wired eSport gamers or gamers looking for that edge.


Light speeds

Complementing their wireless keyboard, the Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard comes their new Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with equally impressive features. Priced at $248.50AUD (Maybe 2024), this wireless gaming mouse boasts 4Khz wireless (0.25ms response times) or 8Khz wired (0.125ms response times) polling rates plus optical switches to ensure each of your clicks is registered at lightning speeds. The Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse also comes in two colours, Dark Side of The Moon (reviewed) and Lunar Light to suit your gaming rig.

eSporters will definitely be impressed by the 8Khz polling rates, however if they (or you) want to go wireless, the 4Khz wireless polling is no slouch either and will still get you a speeding ticket. In terms of aesthetics, while a little Spartan, it features the Alienware logo on the top of the mouse and comes with a universal grip to promote both claw, palm and fingertip grips. The mouse is also super lightweight at just 60 grams that although a featherweight, it’s definitely a heavyweight for its speed and performance. According to Alienware, this mouse boasts 70 million clicks which will outlast your gaming rig.

Unboxing Gallery

As you can see from the above images, the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is a well-designed product and my favourite aspect of the design is that the dongle is stored into the recess of the mouse underneath. I’ve lost more than my fair share of dongles throughout the years and this is a great feature. In order to support your flawless gaming, the mouse has two additive free PFTE feet that reduces friction considerably on all good gaming ready surfaces. The mouse also measures at 4.06cm x 6.35cm x 12.45cm which makes it a good size in your hands and how you control your mouse thanks to its symmetrical form factor.

The mouse comes with a high quality corded USB-C cable and when connected to your PC, a 5-minute wired connection will give the mouse 6-hours of wireless gameplay at 1Khz so you’re pretty much guaranteed a cord free connection all the time. What about buttons and the scrollwheel/button. No issues here and the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is super fast at registering all those clicks (which are quiet) courtesy of the mechanical keys that compliments the 1Khz polling well for a super responsive gaming experience. So where did all this gaming accuracy come from? Thanks to eSports team, Team Liquid plus surveys of over 100+ pro gamers, they provided Alienware with all the information they needed to create this almost hyper speed fast gaming mouse.


The mouse is plug and play, however if you want to fully utilise all its features, you do need to install the Alienware Command Centre that gives you full control over this device. This allows you to adjust the buttons, timings and macros. I also like how the Alienware Command Centre integrates other Alienware devices into its architecture which makes this app your one stop shop.

In terms of gaming, the Alienware Pro Gaming Mouse not only feels good in your hand but is lighting quick in both its wireless and wired options. Although I feel I’m a decent gamer, both wireless communication methods were excellent and games like Borderlands 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III, Overwatch 2 and Control were a joy to play. Equally everyday Windows usage was fast and if you are a Photoshop Guru, you will also find this mouse very accurate indeed, particularly with photo modification.

Final Thoughts?

If you’re looking to upgrade your Alienware infrastructure via wireless connectivity (or just your gaming rig in general), then this company has two great options with the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard and the Alienware Pro Wireless Mouse. The highlight of the mouse is the excellent wireless connectivity that is not only responsive but very fast which is perfect for both gaming and non-gaming needs. Although the Wireless is fast, the wired connection add 8Khz polling for ultra-fast gaming that eSporters will enjoy.



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