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Alienware is announcing the refresh of the Alienware Aurora R16 with a 14th Gen Intel core, timed alongside the world reveal of next-gen Intel desktop processors and TwitchCon 2023. Check out the announcement below:

Alienware’s mid-tower gaming desktop is efficiently designed for all desktop gamers. The Aurora R16 now performs cooler, quieter, and with equal or better performance than any previous Alienware desktop.

Debuting the Legend 3 design in desktop form, the Aurora R16’s design is new, and the thermal strategy now includes larger air-intakes and exhausts. The hexagonal side vents and the new Vertical AlienFX stadium provide larger surface area for total air intake. Similarly, the top face has a larger surface area for exhaust.

Functionally, the R16 is demonstrating 7% lower temperatures, 20% lower acoustics, and better performance than the Aurora R15 when compared with equal components*.

The new Vertical AlienFX stadium serves both the visual center and icon that can be spotted from across any BYOC party, but it is also an air intake with an open ratio 54.5% larger than its predecessor, the Aurora R15.

The Aurora R16 is approximately up to 40% smaller than its predecessor without sacrificing functionality or performance with a stunning, thoughtful design inspired from our roots in science fiction, the future, and the love for gaming. The internal volume remains unchanged enabling the same degree of upgradability as in its predecessor.

We feel the updated shape and space saved will allow more gamers to fit their Aurora desktop within a larger variety of desk and room setups. Our new Aurora R16 chassis comes with either a solid door or a clear side-panel that you can select when ordering online. Gamers can also choose from either an air-cooled CPU or a liquid cooled CPU and the power supply is available in a 500W or 1000W – all power supplies are 80 Plus Platinum certified.

*Based on internal analysis, June 2023. Performance may vary based on configuration.


– Lighting up the chassis are three independent AlienFX lighting zones which can be customized to your liking across 16 million colors. The three zones are the Alien head power button, the vertical stadium shape, and the rear chassis fan.
– Alienware Command Center (AWCC) 6.0, which debuted in early 2023, now makes its debut in desktops on the Aurora R16. The newly updated application introduces an UI that is easy and more appealing to use. Designed to manage your entire ecosystem of Alienware products, AWCC allows you to manage your AlienFX lighting, you can monitor and customize various thermal profiles, and you can also manage game presets that are set individually per game allowing you to specify what you want the experience to be.
– Based on 12th,13th, and now 14th Gen Intel Core processors and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 series graphics.
– Aurora R16 introduces faster 5600 MT/s DDR5 and a maximum capacity of 64GB, across two DIMM slots. XMP available now too.
– Devotes 2x M.2 PCIe slots for up to 8TB of storage space and an additional 3.5” HDD slot
– Supporting Wi-Fi 6E and 2.5 Gbps ethernet on all configurations.

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